3 Piece Krux Belt


The 3 piece belt is designed with a removable lumbar pad enabling the user to add/remove/shape foam to create a fit specifically to their individual lumbar preference.   The layers of foam can be trimmed and moved vertically to create a roll in the pad at any level to match preferred curvature and thickness.  The lumbar pad has a non-slip fabric integrated into the design to help the belt lock into your lumbar. This belt is compatible with all previous SG Krux frames. For installation and fitting videos, please visit the Instructions page.

All belts can go larger than size range, but not smaller. For those on the sizing break we suggest choosing the smaller size to allow for extra adjustment under heavy load.

Waist size:

Small 28" or less        Medium 29"-36"              Large 36" plus  

3-Piece-Belt: $69

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