Steven Drake Vlog - What's in my pack - Shed Hunting

Steven Drake Stone Glacier Pack

If you stop by the Stone Glacier office in Bozeman, you will find our showroom walls stocked with packs, beer on tap and you will likely be greeted by our office mascot, Sphinx. What you may not get to see is our team in the warehouse quality testing, assembling and shipping gear. Our warehouse walls are lined with carefully stacked bins of pack components and taxidermy that remind us of successful trips. You will also find a TV that is continuously streaming various hunting shows and films. Some of our favorite shows to stream include The Mountain Project, MeatEater, The Experience and Randy Newberg. Recently there is a new addition to our favorites list, Steven Drake’s Vlog.

Steven Drake has been a longtime Stone Glacier supporter and when we got wind he was starting a vlog we were excited to see what he would produce. After just one episode we were hooked. If you are familiar with Steven’s work you already know he captures unique perspectives of the beautiful places hunting takes him, and this new vlog provides a behind the scenes look at his creative process, gear and insights.


In a recent bag dump vlog, Steven goes into detail about the gear found in his shed hunting pack.



Steven Drake Stone Glacier Pack for Shed HuntingSteven Drake