Load Shelf

A primary feature of the KRuX frame is the load shelf, a load positioning system designed to reduce excess force created by dense loads.   By keeping the heaviest portion of the load as close to your center of gravity as possible, the extra leverage created by the load is minimized.  This increases load stability and control under foot especially in technical terrain.  Please visit the Load Shelf page for detailed description and calculations.




The overall goal was to build a durable load carrying pack, an ultralight pack not using ultralight materials. Stone Glacier packs are constructed of Cordura 500 fabric, X-pac fabric, 1 inch webbing, and heavy duty military grade buckles.   X-pac is a waterproof, USA manufactured fabric technology that has a tear strength double the military requirements for Cordura 500 and is used in the high stress, high wear areas.  Cordura 500 is used for the main bag due to its balance of strength, flexibility, and noise reduction. Thread is a heavy duty, military grade UV resistant #92 thread. Buckles are Duraflex Berry compliant military hardware. In every aspect the most durable, technical, heavy duty materials were selected



KRuX Suspension

Nitrogen infused foam, X-pac fabric, Cordura 500 fabric, and industrial hook and loop combine to provide a suspension with infinite adjustment and comfort.  Using hook and loop for the shoulder harness attachment allows the user to not only dial in the exact height of the harness, but change the angle each shoulder strap leaves the frame.  This industrial hook and loop is rated at 17 pounds per square inch, 25% greater than standard velcro. Each shoulder strap has 24 square inches of contact, for a shear strength of 408 pounds per shoulder strap, over 800 pounds shear strength for both shoulder straps. The ultimate in adjustability and strength. The unique "X", carbon/composite,four stay design transfers load evenly to the hip belt while offering optimum load lifter angles. The load is supported through 12 connection points to the frame via 1" webbing.


Load Rating

After three years of design and field testing with loads from 70 to 150 pounds without any structural issues, the goal was to test the pack to failure.  Starting with 1 inch steel plates 13” by 25”, I worked my way up to four plates in the pack.  Each plate weighed about 85pounds, 40 pounds a square foot.  When it was time to add the third and fourth plate, I welded the plates together, lifted them with a crane, wrapped the Solo around the plates, and set it back down on edge of the welding bench where I could get it on my back.  The final load weight on my back was 340 pounds with no damage, failure, or signs of stress.  While the goal of testing to failure was not accomplished, the load test did prove the 150 pounds plus rating structurally conservative


Made in the USA

Stone Glacier backpacks are proudly made in the USA. Not only are the products manufactured in the USA, but all USA produced fabrics and hardware were used where available.