Frequently Asked Questions:

There are several videos on the “Instructions” page of our website that may help answer many questions in regards to our packs including Fitting the Pack, Using the Load Shelf, Re-attaching the Bag, and Attaching and Using the Weapons Sling.  There are also product videos for individual pack models on most of the packs pages.

  1. Is the pack waterproof?

    1. The grey Cordura 500 fabric on our packs is highly water repellent, but not 100% waterproof.  For very wet conditions on extended trips we do suggest purchasing one of our pack rain covers. The black X-pac fabric is 100% waterproof so the frame will not absorb any moisture and there will be no migration of moisture (blood) from the load shelf into the bag or your gear when packing meat.

  2. How do I set up my hydration bladder?

    1. All packs have two ¾” trislides to hang a Hydro Sleeve on the inside back panel. Hydro Sleeves can hold up to 3 liter bladders. Hydration hoses can be run through the hydration port found at the the top of all Stone Glacier bags. 

  3. What size hip belt should I get?

    1. Belt sizes align with average pant waist sizes.  If you are on the break between sizes, we suggest ordering the smaller of the two sizes.  All belts will fit larger waist sizes, but not smaller than the advertised range.

  4. How to I attach my Weapon Sling?

    1. There is an instructional video on attachment and use of the Weapon Sling on our “Instructions” page.

  5. How do I attach a bow to the pack?

    1. Attach a bow using the back two compression straps.  Typically it is best to attach the bow quiver out, fletching pointing up.  Run the top compression strap under the string and through a hole in the riser or limb so that the strap holds the weight of the bow.  This will allow you to adjust the compression so that you don’t put unneeded pressure on the sight/rest.  Run the bottom strap under the string, over the riser/limb and compress to the pack with the appropriate pressure.

  6.  What is the KruX frame made of?

    1. The Krux frame consists of 4 carbon composite stays encased in X-pac fabric with an integral frame sheet.