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Stone Glacier Product Care

Pack Care

While Stone Glacier packs are very resilient pieces of backcountry equipment, they should still be treated with care. Here are some guidelines to ensure the longest life-span of your gear:

1.) Hand wash in warm water or lightly power wash without harsh detergents to remove organic materials.

2.) Do not use bleach or hard detergents as they break down the fabric and thread integrity.

3.) Do not store in direct sunlight as long-term UV will degrade the fabric and coating.

4.) Do not machine wash as the agitation may weaken and damages the water-resistant coating of the fabrics.


Stone Glacier products have a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Any issues associated with normal wear and tear can be repaired at a minimal and reasonable charge. Please call or email us at the below contact information for any warranty related questions or issues.

Phone: (406) 404-0641
Email: Info@StoneGlacier.com

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