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R3 Tac Weapon Sling [NEW]


The versatile Tac Weapon Sling offers three options for rifle/carbine carry. A heavy weapon carry system is integrated into the frame for secure and supported carry of long range calibers with large optics.   The butt stock is supported with a sling mounted directly to the frame, the forearm is secured to the frame with a quick detach strap.  The Tac Weapon sling can also be moved to the outside of the frame for side carry of long rifles.   Move the Tac Weapon sling to the interior of the bag for conceal carry of carbines up to 33.5” in OAL (when used with the Conceal Lid accessory.) The Tac Weapon Sling weighs 1.4 ounces.

*Not compatible with Krux Frames*

Tac Weapon Sling :: $21.00

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