Favorite 2022 Hunting Films

Tired of Christmas movies yet? We compiled our favorite hunting films from 2022 for your viewing pleasure. Take a break from the festivities, crack a cold one in the man cave, and join in on the hunt.

Public Land Shuffle

Sam Davis burns the boot leather in Wyoming chasing mule deer on public land with his bow.

Tide Swing

Brandon Purcell prowls the Alaskan coast in search of black bear with a bow.

Over and Out

A good old-fashioned snowy slog with the SG boys.

The Mountain Project - Kodiak Black: Sam's Last Hunt

The The Mountain Project family honors their good friend Sam Heffelfinger with an epic last hunt on Kodiak Island.

Mathews Proving Ground with Brett Seng

Brett Seng tests his archery mettle on mountain mule deer in Colorado.


Brandon Lamb and Craig Temple head to the Alberta high country for an archery sheep hunt in less-than-ideal conditions.

Gritty - Ryan Lampers Moose & Caribou Ep. 3

Ryan Lampers downs a monster moose with Brian Call in Alaska.