About Stone Glacier

 Kurt Racicot

Stone Glacier is a result of 15 years of solo sheep hunts from the Dall country of Alaska to the unlimited districts of Montana’s Beartooth Wilderness. Minimizing pack and gear weight increases usable load, which in turn extends your range in the backcountry. My quest for ultralight backpacking gear began 15 years ago and has been a slow and organic process of development, testing, and refining. The goal has been straightforward: build the lightest, most durable gear using only the toughest technical materials available. After hundreds of miles of testing on the trail, years of research and design, this goal has been accomplished. Stone Glacier...redefining the capabilities of ultralight.

Kurt Racicot - Founder/Owner/Lead Designer

Kurt Racicot Rams

Who’ll Answer the Phone...


Taylor D'Agostino - Taylor was born and raised in Bozeman and graduated with a degree from Montana State University. His adventurous outdoor personality has lead him to various recreational jobs from guiding elk hunters to leading winter snowmobile tours through Yellowstone National Park. His authenticity and credibility in the mountains brings a lot of value to our team.


Pete Muennich - A Cincinnati native, Pete Muennich has called Montana home for over a decade. Starting with Stone Glacier in late 2012, Pete’s after-hours pack assembly in his small garage helped launch the brand during the company’s infancy. Pete is also the Founder and President of the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance, a non-profit committed to the expansion and enhancement of mountain goat conservation across North America. Pete’s passions include backpack hunting, hound dogs, panda bears and yoga pants.


Colby Ademek - Operations Manager

Colby Adamek - Before moving to the promised land that is Bozeman, Montana in 2011 to study Finance and Economics at Montana State University, Colby grew up in central Washington where chasing mule deer was more accurately defined as a family religion than a hobby. When he’s not scrambling up a mountainside in search of his next quarry, Colby can often be found whipping up a batch of homebrew out of his garage while likely listening to one of his many guilty pleasure songs that may or may not include Selena Gomez.


Lyle Hebel - Marketing Director

Lyle Hebel - Lyle was born in Bozeman, Montana but grew up on a cattle ranch northeast of Sheridan, WY. At an early age, Lyle demonstrated exceptionally artistic ability winning many awards and accolades. It was this creative talent that took him to Montana State University where he received a BFA in Graphic Design. Upon graduation, Lyle spent 15 years working for Massive Studios and directed creative marketing campaigns for brands like SITKA Gear, Leica, Adventure Medical Kits, Dogtra, Barnard Construction, Black Gold Bowsights and the Wild Sheep Foundation. Lyle has also lent his expertise as an Adjunct Professor at Montana State University, instructing courses in Advanced Web Development. When not busy leading the marketing initiatives at Stone Glacier, Lyle is happily occupied with his beautiful family, scouting for big game animals, raising chickens, or lending his time to local conservation organizations.


Jeff Sposito - Jeff (pictured left) grew up in Northern California in a commercial cattle ranching family. He developed a passion for hunting and conservation at an early age guided by his grandfather. Jeff received a degree in Ag Business from Chico State University then began working at Sitka Gear in 2009 when it was just a small startup company. During his 7+ years with Sitka Jeff gained valuable experience in Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance that he now brings to Stone Glacier. Jeff is proud to raise his two daughters, with his wife Sam, in Bozeman, MT.


Sphinx started with Stone Glacier in 2013 as the Company Doorbell. He quickly climbed the corporate ladder to the more formal position of Showroom Greeter and all around Company Morale Booster. No matter the day you visit our Bozeman showroom, you’re more than likely to be greeted by a wagging tail, floppy ears and a possible howl that is far more intimidating than the animal generating it.