Since the Genesis of Stone Glacier, we have had the advantage of being a small and nimble company without the limitations or expectations that larger corporations put on businesses to meet certain financial goals or to design within specific processes and timelines. In fact, Stone Glacier was started by accident and in the most organic way possible. We are simply hunters who appreciate cool gear, unique innovations, and just want to design products that make our time in the field more enjoyable and ultimately more successful. It’s what we do. We design, refine, and repeat. Or, if we don’t have any good ideas we don’t... we just go hunting. That’s the beauty of Stone Glacier. It’s a problem-solving company that doesn’t need to create problem’s to solve. We just do what we do.

Then, on occasion, we have a light bulb moment and obsess over it until we make it perfect. Many years ago, the Load-Shelf was one of these moments. There had to be a better way to get meat out of the backcountry without requiring multiple trips. The result of that obsession was an innovation that ultimately revolutionized hunting backpacks and is now practically a requirement in any backcountry hunting pack.

Recently, we’ve been obsessing over a pants system ideal for backpacking. We have designed and refined, over and over again. The result, is our unique patent-pending Contour Waist System™, an innovation that we believe is as revolutionary for backcountry hunters as the Load-Shelf. The Contour Waist is integrated into our new De Havilland Pants. The system allows the user to customize the waist size of their pants for an exact fit and make micro-adjustments in the field when layering. The Contour Waist eliminates bunching of fabric to minimize hot spots on the hips caused by miles of hiking under a heavy pack. Along with the De Havilland Pants, we are excited to introduce three more pieces of technical apparel to round out a clothing system designed specifically for backcountry hunters. The next step in Stone Glacier’s evolution is here.


STOL SERIES - 7000 & 4000 CU IN

The preferred gear of guides, outfitters and discerning hunters.

“While we’ve all used a variety of different backpacks over the years, we’re madly in love with the Stone Glacier packs we’ve been using lately. These things are tough-as-nails, technically advanced, and highly versatile…The loads don’t shift, gear stays dry, the stitching holds up and there’s not a lot of noise when creeping through the brush. Stone Glacier pack accessories allow us to personalize our gear organization. That’s just about everything you can ask for from a hunting backpack. We’re sold on Stone Glacier.” 

Steve Rinella, The MeatEater

In January of 2017, I made the hard decision to switch from a company I had used for 12 years to Stone Glacier.  For me, it was only after carefully watching close industry friends and some of my guides rave about them from top to bottom that I took the leap. I have to say it Stone Glacier has lived up to my every expectation of a company and a high-end backpack. The extremely lightweight and flexible design of the Xcurve Frame provides an excellent fit to your back and hips while remaining comfortable even under the heaviest loads.

Dustin Roe – Back Country BC and Beyond

After spending 17 nights (and a few bad-weather days) in the Skyscraper 2P, I am convinced it is the best backpacking tent on the market. September in the Mackenzie Mountains can be unpredictable and unforgiving. That proved to be true with a daily swing of snow, ice, wind, and rain. The Skyscraper’s smart design makes setup easy in these not so favorable conditions. My two favorite things about this tent: It’s only 4 pounds, and the double wall design keeps the condensation off me and my gear.

Chase Christopher, The Mountain Project


The ultimate in strength & durability, designed for years of abuse on the mountain. Now, with our strongest and most comfortable stay system ever!