Layering for Late-Season Hunting

Late-season hunting presents a unique set of challenges, but the payoffs can be huge. Fewer hunters are willing to brave the frigid temps, and the animals move around more to pack on the calories needed to stay warm. You can also stay warm by understanding how to maximize your Stone Glacier system.

The Systems Approach 

We design our gear to be used as a system. Our pieces are specialized for the mountain hunter, and the products are designed to work in tandem with one another in every season and every condition. The same mid-layer hoody you wear on your early season archery elk hunt can be worn chasing mule deer late in the season. For your bottom half, our pants keep you covered across all conditions thanks to our Stratum™ Zippered Layer System, which allows you to regulate your body temperature by venting your legs all the way down to the skin. It’s all about how you layer. 

Moisture Management 

elk horn

Staying comfortable on late-season hunts comes down to two main factors: temperature regulation and moisture management. Mountain hunting often involves hiking up to a glassing spot before dawn and then sitting behind your optics. If nothing is moving, you pack up and keep hiking. If you get too hot post-holing through a foot of powder, you sweat and get wet. Once you stop moving, that moisture is going to make you cold. This is why a good system starts from the inside out. 

Baselayers and Mid-Layers 

For next-to-skin moisture management, we offer both synthetic and merino blend options. Some people prefer synthetic baselayers like the Avro Synthetic Hoody because synthetic fabrics pull moisture away from the skin and dry faster than traditional merino. Others prefer merino for its ability to reduce odor better than synthetic fabrics. Merino baselayers like the Chinook Merino Hoody are also constructed with a proprietary Merino6™ technology, a blend of merino and nylon to enhance comfort, moisture wicking, and durability. Regardless of your personal preferences, we have baselayers to meet the needs of every hunt.

elk on tailgate

When it comes to mid-layers, the Helio Bottom is a great option for your lower half in colder conditions. It is constructed with a micro-grid fleece fabric that traps in heat and moves moisture efficiently to wick sweat and dry quickly. As part of the Stratum™ Layered Zipper System, the Helio Bottom features a zipper that runs from the top of the thigh to the bottom of the calf. Unzip and vent on the go. Pair it with a Helio Hoody and your mid-layer system is complete for use across a myriad of conditions.


winter glassing

Once you reach your glassing point, your core temperature will cool down as you settle down to glass every drainage and ridge for signs of life. This is where our Grumman Series excels. With 850+ fill power premium goose down, the Grumman Down Jacket, Grumman Down Vest, and Grumman Down Pant are the ultimate trifecta in packable, lightweight warmth. The vest should already be in your kit as an emergency insulation piece because it weighs just seven ounces and packs down to a softball. Pair that with the Grumman Jacket and Pants, and you have a walking sleeping bag that won’t weigh down your pack. 

Outer Layers

When winter conditions bring extreme cold and snow to the hunt, equal measures should be taken to ensure you can comfortably and safely take to the field. The M7 Jacket and Pant are a bombproof barrier from the elements. Each piece leverages a 100 percent windproof and waterproof HydraShield™ fabric with a durable polyester face, plus they are constructed with a seam-taped fleece backer for added insulation. If you pack the M7, chances are you can leave the mid-layers at home. Wearing this entire Stone Glacier kit, you should be able to comfortably sit for over an hour even when the temps dip to 10 below zero.

If the conditions aren’t frigid, the M5 Jacket and Pant are highly versatile, lightweight outer layers to keep you completely dry and protected from the wind across a wide range of temperatures. Again, pack your layers accordingly for wear underneath the shells.

hunter in snow

From zippered venting systems to walking sleeping bags, Stone Glacier apparel is meant to tackle any hunt in any condition. As with all of every product we make, our apparel is designed to be as light as humanly possible without compromising capability, ensuring you can stay on the mountain for as long as needed to get the job done.