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Stone Glacier tents and shelters are designed with weight, performance, and function at the forefront of the process. A backcountry shelter is a serious piece of gear that cannot be compromised. This is why we sought out the most experienced tent designer in the industry, Martin Zemitis. In collaboration with Martin and his team, we designed and produced a unique line of shelters unlike any in the hunting industry. Utilizing patented innovations, top-of-line textiles, and unique features, Stone Glacier tents will keep you safe and comfortable on backcountry excursions across the globe.

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designed for all-season use with unprecedented versatility

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In 2019, we introduced the SkyAir ULT ultralight tarp shelter to our tent line for the ounce-counting, minimalist backcountry hunter. In 2020, we updated our flagship Skyscraper 2P brought you the SG Dome 6P. We once again worked with world-renowned tent designer Martin Zemitis to create the SG Dome 6P. Bombproof and big enough to serve as a base camp shelter for you and your hunting buddies, the SG Dome 6p will stand the worst storms Mother Nature can throw at it. We added the Solus 1P in 2022, giving the most demanding alpine hunters an incredibly nimble, weatherproof fortress for pitching in unforgiving mountain terrain. Our line of shelters now has something for everyone. Whether you are spiking into a high-country mule deer spot or setting up a base camp on a remote Alaskan air strip, Stone Glacier tents will keep you protected from the elements.


Skyair outside
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SkyAir ULT


Weighing only 8 ounces, the SkyAir ULT is a sil/sil tarp tent large enough for two men and gear. The poleless design is pitched with a trekking pole in the front and back and stakes around the side. For early season use, you will be hard pressed to find a lighter weight shelter. For use in nasty weather, add the SkyAir Mesh Insert, Footprint, and Front Vestibule to protect you and your gear from the elements. The versatility the SkyAir ULT provides is unlike anything else you will find in a tarp tent and is the minimalist backcountry hunter’s dream. The packed size of 8” x 4” x 4” and finished weight will increase your range in the backcountry, allowing you to increase your usable load for your pack out after a successful hunt.

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The Skyscraper 2P is a burly 2-person, 4-season, free-standing, double-wall tent with a minimum trail weight of 4 lbs 9.3 oz. At the heart of the Skyscraper 2P is its patented WebTruss™ technology. This unique construction system provides unmatched strength a low wind profile and makes pitching the tent a breeze.

Skyscraper 2p
Stone Glacier Solus Tent
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Built for big hunts in tight places


The Solus 1P sets a new standard in ultralight, all-weather protection for the alpine hunter. The four-season shelter will withstand the fiercest mountain storms and features an incredibly narrow footprint, making it nimble enough to pitch in tight alpine pockets. Despite its minimalist design and light weight (3 lbs. 14 oz. minimum trail weight), the Solus gives the solo hunter plenty of breathing room to organize gear, sit up, and stretch your legs after a long day hunting.


Thanks to world-renowned and legendary tent designer, Martin Zemitis, mountain hunters now have access to a tent unlike any they have seen. Martin’s vast experience in mountaineering product development with companies like the North Face and Mountain Hardwear led him to design shelters that have protected mountaineers on the planet’s largest and most dangerous mountain expeditions. Most notably, Zemitis designed a shelter for Babu Chiri Sherpa, the only man to ever spend the night on the summit of Mt. Everest. At the core of Martin’s tent designs is the patented WebTruss™ Technology. It was with Martin’s current company, SlingFin, that Stone Glacier was able to tap into this brilliance and bring mountain hunters a true 4-season tent weighing less than 5 pounds.

Think of the WebTruss™ as a framework that can be used in a variety of combinations based on the needs of your trip and the country you are hunting.

Pole sleeves distribute force evenly over a tent body, but when setting up a sleeve tent in high winds, the tent acts as a kite until the last pole is placed. For this reason, clip-style tents have dominated the market for high-altitude mountaineering. However, clip-style tents produce uneven amounts of stress and tension on the tent body. With the WebTruss™, you combine the ease of a clip system and the strength of a sleeve system. Throw your flysheet over the WebTruss™ and you can finish installing the tent body while being protected from the elements. The WebTruss is formed from 6/6 nylon fabric, and the tent fabric is a combination of 15-denier and 20-denier nylon ripstop.



The Skydome is a true mountaineering-style base camp tent. With a peak height of 6’ 4” and a built-in stove jack, the Skydome is equally livable as a wall tent but at a third of the weight. The removable floor can be rolled back for a clean cook area or completely eliminated to save weight and create a floorless shelter. The 210-denier PE floor and 70-denier sil/sil fly and wall textiles ensure this shelter will last season after season. Heavy-duty DAC poles and a proven dome shape are designed to stand against Mother Nature’s heaviest winds and strongest storms.


Mountaineering Style Base Camp Built for Hunting


SG Dome 6P body

The SG Dome 6p is a true mountaineering-style base camp shelter built from legendary tent designer Martin Zemitis’ experiences creating bombproof shelters for expeditions to the summits of Mount Everest and its likes. An octagonal shape and burly 13.2mm DAC poles enable the SG Dome to resist the heaviest of snow loads and deter the hardest hitting wind gusts. A large vestibule, integrated stove jack, multiple roof vents, and a peak height of 6’ 4” make this tent equally livable as a wall tent but at a third of the weight. The removable floor can be rolled back for a clean cook area or completely eliminated to save weight and create a floorless shelter. The 210-denier PE floor and 70-denier sil/sil fly and wall textiles ensure this shelter will last season after season.