The Stone Glacier Pro Program* is a membership program for qualified Guides & Outfitters, LEO, Military (US Armed Forces, Firefighters, and First Responders), and Industry individuals. Membership is by application, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked at any time.

If you are interested in applying, please start the application below.

If you have already created a general customer account at or need to renew your Pro Program account, please login to your account, click "Edit Account Profile," and complete the application by providing the required proof of active status for your industry.

If you are a Guide or Outfitter, submit a copy of a current active guides license for proof of employment. Please present a recent pay stub if your state doesn't require a license.

Employees of Industry brands, retail employees, and nonprofits must submit a recent pay stub with job title for proof of employment.

Active duty military can send in a photo of their CAC card or e-mail us from their .mil account. Veterans must send in their DD-214/NGB 22. Honorable discharge and completion of first full term is required. LES and Orders will not be accepted as proof of service.

We will send out a notification email to let you know when it is time for you to renew your Pro Program account. Please supply us with all the information we ask for as our pro qualifications may change.

If you are a nonprofit or a chapter of a nonprofit looking to purchase products for fundraising efforts, please email

After your application is approved and you have received our “Welcome Email,” you may log in to with your email address and your personalized password. Your Pro Program discount will be automatically applied at checkout to your order. Application approval can take 2-3 days.

*The Stone Glacier Pro Program is for the approved account use only. Any gift purchasing, purchases made on behalf of other people, or reselling of any purchases will result in the immediate cancellation of your account. You will be notified if there are any promotions that would be an exception to this rule.

Pro Application