There are several videos on the “Instructions” page of our website that may help answer many questions in regards to our packs including Fitting the Pack, Using the Load Shelf, Re-attaching the Bag, and Attaching and Using the Quick Release Sling. There are also product videos for individual pack models on most of the pack's pages.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact Stone Glacier Customer Service at 406.404.0641 or by email at Our office hours are 8 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday. You can also stop by our showroom located at 608 W Griffin Dr., Unit A, Bozeman, MT 59715.

Are Stone Glacier bags and frames interchangeable?

Yes, all past and current Stone Glacier bags and frames are interchangeable.  This allows you the ability to swap bags on and off your frame for different hunts you may have without requiring the purchase of a whole new bag and frame system.  Many Stone Glacier customers own one frame with a smaller day bag and a larger expedition sized bag so they have a system for day hunts and backpack hunts.  When viewing our packs on the website you will notice a "bag only" purchase option if this is something you are considering.  For more information on attaching Stone Glacier bags to the frame please see the video on our Instructions page.

What is the Load Shelf and how does it work?

All Stone Glacier frames come with a built-in Load Shelf.  This is a unique design concept that allows you to separate the bag from the frame and pack gear or meat in between the frame and bag.  This is critical for distributing weight across your hips in the most effective manner for carrying heavy loads.  The Load Shelf also allows you the ability to haul meat with a small day pack as you are not relying on the volume of the bag to carry the meat.  With a Load Shelf, you will no longer have to remove your gear from your bag to make room for meat and you won't ever have to make a special trip back to your truck to get a pack frame.  Stone Glacier's Load Shelf is also a unique design in that it can be used with the frame alone (with no bag attached) similar to a traditional pack frame.  For more information on the functionality and use of the Load Shelf, please see the video on our Instructions Page.

Where are Stone Glacier packs made?

All Stone Glacier packs and accessories are proudly made in the USA.  Not only do we manufacture our products in the United States but where applicable we also use materials and components that are Made in the USA.  Our Head Quarters shop is located in Bozeman, MT where all Stone Glacier products are assembled, inspected, packaged and shipped by Stone Glacier employees.

Are Stone Glacier packs waterproof?

Our primary bag material is a 500 Denier Cordura fabric that is highly water repellent, but not 100% waterproof. For very wet conditions we suggest purchasing one of our Rain Covers to ensure your gear stays dry. The black X-Pac fabric found on the back of our bags and on our frame is 100% waterproof so the frame will not absorb any moisture and there will be no migration of moisture (blood) into the bag when packing meat in the Load Shelf.

Are Stone Glacier packs hydration compatible?

Yes. All Stone Glacier packs have two ¾” trislides to hang our Hydro Sleeve on the inside back panel. The Hydro Sleeve can hold up to a 3-liter water bladder. Once the Hydro Sleeve is installed, simply insert your water bladder into the Hydro sleeve and run the hose out the top.  Hydration hoses can then be run through the hydration port found at the top of all Stone Glacier bags and routed down either the left or right shoulder strap.

What size waist belt should I get?

Belt sizes align with average pant waist sizes. If you are on the break between sizes, we suggest ordering the smaller of the two sizes. All belts will fit larger waist sizes, but not smaller than the advertised range.  Below is our waist belt sizing chart for reference:

Small 28" - 30"
Medium 31"- 36"
Large 37" +

How do I attach my Quick Release Sling?

There is an instructional video on attachment and use of the Quick Release Sling on our “Instructions” page.  It will be easiest to view the video when installing the Quick Release Sling.  In short, the Quick Release Sling is a two-piece configuration with the top attachment point being to the Tri-slide on the top of the frame panel and the bottom attaching to the lower compression strap.  

How do I attach a bow to the pack?

Attach a bow using the back two compression straps. Typically it is best to attach the bow quiver out. Run the top compression strap under the string and through a hole in the riser or limb so that the strap holds the weight of the bow. This will allow you to adjust the compression so that you don’t put unneeded pressure on the sight/rest. Run the bottom strap under the string, over the riser/limb and compress to the pack with the appropriate pressure.

What is the XCurve Frame made of?

The Xcurve frame consists of four solid pultruded carbon composite stays, sleeved in Aero-Space grade Titanium and encased in X-Pac fabric with an integrated frame sheet.  We also use multiple variations of high-density foams and 500 Denier Cordura on our waist belt and shoulder straps.

What are the dimensions of Stone Glacier frames?

All of the Stone Glacier frames are approximately 26" tall and 10" wide.  We have found this to be an ideal format to achieve appropriate geometry for effective load lifting for maximum comfort on the majority of people.

Where can I try a Stone Glacier pack on near me?

We understand that the decision to purchase a piece of high-end gear is not something to be taken lightly.  We also know that packs, like boots, can fit everyone differently and that it is helpful to try on a properly fit and weighted pack to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  That is why we have a handful of select and strategically located retailers where you can talk to an expert and get your hands on our products.  Please visit our Dealer Locator to find a retail location near you.