A Bino Harness Built for Hunting and Long-Range Shooting

The Sentinel Bino Harness is an ultralight, versatile optics-carrying system designed for hunters, long-range shooters, and military professionals. Built as a modular, ultra-stable platform, the Sentinel system allows you to securely carry and quickly access your binoculars, rangefinder, ballistics tools, ammunition, DOPE cards, bear spray, GPS, and other essential gear. 

The Sentinel system offers accessories that seamlessly integrate with the harness via simple hook-and-loop attachments and specialized pockets. These provide versatile storage options and keep vital gear stable, organized and easily accessible.

The Core Harness System

At the core of this modular system is the Sentinel Bino Harness, constructed with a waterproof 3-layer HydraShield laminate to protect your optics from rain, snow, brush, and dirt. Patented OptikFit technology enables an exact custom fit by allowing you to adjust the front hood height and shock cord tension for a rock-solid, snug fit with your specific binoculars to prevent any shifting or flopping.

Sentinel hunting and long-range shooting bino harness binocular harness

The full-enclosure forward-opening hood ensures one-handed, quiet access to optics while staying securely open when needed but closing quickly and quietly without noisy magnets or fasteners. The harness has two elastic side pockets and an additional back panel pocket for storing a windicator, tags, and other miscellaneous must-haves. Made in the USA from ultra-durable materials, the Sentinel Bino Harness can be used as a standalone piece or tricked out with an array of accessories. 

Sized for a Perfect Fit

The Sentinel Bino Harness is available in regular and large sizes to accommodate most binoculars on the market. The regular size adjusts to fit standard binoculars up to 7 inches in length, while the large is made for full-frame and rangefinder bino setups.

Enhanced Suspension and Stability

Sentinel hunting and long-range shooting bino harness binocular harness

The padded suspension system was updated to focus specifically on distributing weight more evenly. The enhanced ergonomic design lets you carry heavier loads without the strain. The low-profile padding wears comfortably and seamlessly under a pack with minimal weight and without added bulk.

Sentinel Accessory Systems

Stone Glacier offers a full range of precision-engineered accessories that easily integrate with the Sentinel harness.

Sentinel hunting and long-range shooting bino harness binocular harness

The Sentinel 
Rangefinder Pocket utilizes OptikFit for a secure, custom fit for your rangefinder while providing one-handed, forward-opening access to quietly range a target. Connect it to either side of the Sentinel Harness and rest assured that it won’t flop or shift thanks to low-profile and structured wings on the harness. The Rangefinder Pocket is constructed with a waterproof HydraShield™ laminate to completely protect your rangefinder. 

The Sentinel Side Pocket are the modern-day mountain man’s version of a possibles bag. Built with HydraShield to help keep electronics like phones and GPS units dry, the pockets feature a foam divider and elastic ammo holders that fit three large caliber rounds or six small caliber rounds. Throw in an extra archery release just in case, sunglasses, lens cloth, Sour Patch Kids—it’s up to you. 

If the Side Pockets aren’t enough storage, then the Sentinel Bottom Pocket is worth a look. It connects to the bottom of the Sentinel Bino Harness and Skyline Bino Harness to provide secure storage for sunglasses, GPS units, ammo, snacks, etc. 

Sentinel hunting and long-range shooting bino harness binocular harness

Designed for recreational or competition shooters, the
Sentinel Ballistics Pocket connects to the side of the Sentinel Bino Harness and includes a heavy-duty 4-inch elastic band to securely store most short action AICS magazines and an integrated sleeve to securely store a Kestrel wind meter. Like the rest of the Sentinel system, it’s designed for one-handed operation. 

Bear attacks typically happen suddenly and with little warning. Bears rarely give you time to dig out a can of bear spray from the bottom of your pack. That’s why we designed the Sentinel Bear Spray Holster to be utilized with the Sentinel Harness for quick and dependable access. Attach the holster directly to the bottom of the harness or attach it to a pack belt or pants for easy draw, one-handed deployment. The holster fits most 8-10 oz. canisters. 

The Sentinel Bino Harness system offers unmatched versatility and accessibility for your essential hunting and shooting gear. Its modular design with specialized pockets and holsters allows customized organization of binoculars, rangefinders, ammunition, electronics, and bear spray. Constructed from durable, waterproof materials and featuring a customizable fit, the Sentinel system keeps your gear snug, secure and close at hand.