Introducing Stone Glacier Gloves

When you’re completely immersed in a hunt, every one of your five senses has to be dialed into the moment—that includes your sense of touch. Whether you’re unbuckling your weapon from a Stone Glacier pack, quietly clipping your release to a D-loop on your bowstring, or timing your breath as you wait for the trigger to break, connection to the moment of truth starts at your fingertips.

If your fingers are cold, you lose dexterity and the ability to feel subtle changes. That can mean the difference between tenderloins in camp or tag soup for the season. At Stone Glacier, we do everything we can to help put you in a position for success, which is why we spent two years testing, researching, and building an all-mountain, all-season glove system. 

The Systems Approach 

Our hands need warmth and dexterity to function at their peak on a hunt. Wear a glove that’s too bulky, and you lose dexterity. A thin glove might provide dexterity, but it will not protect your digits from the elements when the mercury plummets. If it’s bone-chilling cold and you can’t feel your fingers, dexterity is non-existent and you might as well be back in the truck. Our solution is to employ the same layering philosophy that you’ll find in our other clothing systems. It’s simple: start with a base layer and build out depending on the conditions. 

With five new glove designs, we allow you to customize your protection with a versatile line-up that covers every condition. From chasing elk on cool September mornings to Rocky Mountain goats in the depths of winter, our gloves will be a part of every freezer-filling mission. We designed our line of gloves to be as lightweight and breathable as the rest of our clothing systems – without sacrificing durability – and we did this by integrating a slate of new advanced fabric technologies, as well as our time-tested stalwarts like HydraShield and Merino6. 

We covered each set of gloves below and how they can integrate together so you can decide on the best system for you and your hunt. 

Stone Glacier Gloves Systems

Chinook Merino Gloves

Stone Glacier Chinook Gloves

These light-duty gloves will stay in your kit for the entire season. Designed to be your second skin to optimize dexterity, the Chinook Merino Gloves serve as a stand-alone during the early season or as a base layer under the Mirka Gloves or Alitimter Gloves or Mitts. These slim, form-fitting gloves are made from Merino6 fabric, which is our proprietary blend of merino wool and nylon. The combination makes this base layer incredibly comfortable and breathable. They go on easily thanks to a pull loop, and the palms are dotted with silicone to ensure a firm grip. The thumb and forefinger are outfitted with conductive material, allowing you to operate a map app on your phone’s touch screen with ease. 

Mirka Gloves

Stone Glacier Mirka Gloves

These are the hardest working pair of gloves we offer. From the workbench to the shooting range to the backcountry, the Mirka Gloves are designed to take all the abuse a hunt is going to throw your way while still remaining breathable and supple. Using AX® Synthetic Suede, these gloves hug your hand with a soft yet trustworthy feel. The palm is perforated for breathability and reinforced with premium goat skin for an extra layer of protection. To add another level of comfort and dexterity, the gloves feature a breathable, flexible, and abrasion-resistant nylon/spandex back. Like any range rider, these gloves were designed to work independently, but for colder conditions, you can wear the Chinook Gloves underneath.

Graupel Gloves 

Stone Glacier Graupel Gloves

When the weather forecast calls for a little bit of everything, the Graupel Gloves will be your go-to thanks to a well-balanced combination of features. As a stand-alone piece, these gloves resist wind and water thanks to an innovative DryTex laminate. Silicone grip in the palms provides a die-hard grip, and the conductive pointer finger and thumb allow you to operate a touchscreen while wearing them. To maximize dexterity and durability, we strategically placed the finger seams to avoid abrasion. When the weather takes a turn, wear these as a liner under the outer shell of the Altimeter Gloves or Mitts and stay bone dry and warm while still maximizing your dexterity.

Altimeter Gloves

Stone Glacier Altimeter Gloves

The Altimeter Gloves offer a number of layering options that allow you to tackle wet and miserable conditions on the mountain—all while providing a functional fit to get the job done. The waterproof, breathable shell features three-layer HydraShield technology that protects your hands from the heat-sapping qualities of snow, water, and ice. This technology also transports sweat vapors out of the glove, so your hands stay dry, not clammy. With an articulated fit, the shell’s finger seams are strategically located to improve dexterity and feel. The palm and thumb are taped with MELCO to enhance grip in wet and slippery conditions, while a wrist collar cinch release allows for one-hand operation. A removable, insulating liner is made from PrimaLoft® CrossCore synthetic insulation that was developed by NASA scientists. Thanks to engineers building suits to keep astronauts warm, hunters can appreciate the lightweight, lofty, quick-drying insulation that keeps you warm even when wet. Because the space-age insulation is removable, you can use the Altimeter shell as a waterproof outer layer on mid-season hunts by pairing the shell with any of our lighter-weight gloves. 

Altimeter Mitts

Stone Glacier Altimeter Mitts

Some hunts will chill you to the bone, and that’s why we built the Altimeter Mitts. These mitts are designed to keep you warm when you’re glassing up late-season bulls in Wyoming or Stone’s sheep on a peak in British Columbia. Either way, your hands will be toasty and dry thanks to this glove’s two-part design. Serving as a barrier to wind, rain, ice, and snow, the waterproof, breathable shell combines three-layer HydraShield technology with other functional features such as MELCO-taped palm and thumb for enhanced grip, extended wrist cuff, and a wrist collar cinch release that affords one-hand operation. The second part of this glove system features the removable, NASA-engineered PrimaLoft® CrossCore synthetic insulation. This lofty, lightweight insulation packs down to nearly nothing, dries instantly, and warms even when wet. 

When conditions are less extreme, use just the shell for the ultimate protection from the elements, and be prepared for the moment with the Chinook, Mirka, or Graupel Gloves underneath.