Light as a feather – Strong as an Ox

There is a misconception in the hunting industry that light-weight gear is less durable than heavier alternatives. Marketing at its finest. We are here to set the record straight and tell you that when talking about Stone Glacier packs, this just isn’t the case. All Stone Glacier packs are constructed from the same durable materials – if not more durable – as heavier pack options on the market. We’re just doing it, well… better. And yes, you can expect to see American Made quality in every pack as these bad boys are 100% made in the good ole U.S. of A. Now, follow along as we highlight a few material features that we prioritize at Stone Glacier.

Stone Glacier

Aerospace Grade Titanium

All X-Curve frames are constructed with eight titanium joints that we use for the same reason anyone on this earth uses titanium – it has remarkable strength and it’s amazingly light! We should also add that this isn’t your grandfather’s titanium we are talking about. All X-Curve frames are constructed from aerospace grade titanium that is both strong, durable and highly resistant to heat, cold, rust and other forms of corrosion. What I’m trying to say here is – it’s the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas. Titanium is renowned for being stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight which makes it’s a crucial component to the load carrying capacity of the X-Curve frame. If you can carry it, so will the pack.

Stone Glacier


A unique feature to Stone Glacier packs is the waterproof X-Pac material strategically placed on the back wall and bottom panel of our bags. This is a made in America textile straight out of the sail boat racing world. Unique because of its high tear strength, rigidity, and overall strength-to-weight ratio.

The strategic placement of this material on the back wall of Stone Glacier bags keeps blood out of your bag while packing bloody quarters off the mountain in your load shelf. For the same reason, we have constructed all our frame sheets out of X-Pac too – because it keeps blood from penetrating the frame onto your person. X-Pac integrated on the bottom of the bag also allows you to sling the pack onto the wet ground without having to worry about moisture saturating through the bottom of your bag into your gear.

Stone Glacier

Hydrophobic Webbing

Here at Stone Glacier, we don’t think you should be punished for punching tags all season long and getting your gear bloody. By using a hydrophobic webbing, we are able to gain several advantages in the field.  Hydrophobic means moisture repealing, whether it be water or blood. Moisture soaked webbing increases weight, reduces the locking mechanics of the buckles that the webbing runs through, and moisture soaked webbing will freeze stiff in cold temps making operation through the buckles extremely difficult.

It is true, it’s the small things that make the difference. All webbing used on Stone Glacier hunting packs is hydrophobic. This keeps blood from penetrating the weave of the webbing and drying inside. So, for all you killers out there who are frustrated with your stiff and crusty webbing, we have got you covered.

Stone Glacier

Cordura® 500D

Cordura 500D is a core component to all Stone Glacier packs and it is the main material used in the construction of all our bags – It is the industry standard in bag durability for all high-end hunting backpacks due to its exceptional abrasion resistance, tensile, and tear strength.

It’s our material of choice for bag construction because it provides rugged and durable performance with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Simply put, it is built to last because of its high resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions. In addition to being rough and tough, our Cordura 500D is coated with a 1.5 oz polyurethane and DWR finish which makes it highly water resistant – ideal for hunting conditions where rain, snow, or wet vegetation are common variables.

We believe Cordura 500D strikes a perfect balance between durability, water resistance, and noise for all your hunting needs.

Stone Glacier

YKK® Zippers

Another industry standard in durability and reliability are YKK zippers. Known for their strength, longevity, and superior performance – all Stone Glacier bags and accessories are made with military grade #10 or #8 zippers for optimal durability. Not to mention, the zipper used on the outside of all our bags incorporate YKK’s patented aqua seal zipper technology, further adding to the water resistance of Stone Glacier bags.