Load Cell vs. Load Shelf

Creating the most advanced hunting packs possible was the original catalyst for Stone Glacier. As our company grows and evolves, the drive to create the most ultralight and durable hunting gear on the market continues to guide us. Today, as we bring premier apparel and tent systems to discerning hunters, we are also continually evolving and optimizing our packs.

The Terminus 7000 is a perfect example of that evolution. Unlike the majority of our packs that include a deployable Load Shelf for hauling meat, the Terminus 7000 is purpose-built for alpine hunters and includes an internal Load Cell for carrying boned-out meat.

kurt hunting sheep

Why create a pack with an internal Load Cell and how does it benefit alpine hunters? The concept is simple: pursuing these animals takes hunters to the fringes of where man can wander on foot. Hunting in these domains requires a pack that is ultralight, durable, and capable of carrying enough gear for 10 or more days in the wilderness. By using a high-tech new fabric for the Terminus bag and sewing it directly to the frame, we created an incredibly lightweight, durable, waterproof pack that also has the capacity needed for expedition hunts.

When we created the Terminus, we also had the opportunity to build the pack with a unique new textile. The main bag is composed of SG ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). This new fabric technology offers higher abrasion resistance and tear strength at a lower weight.

The result is an absolute workhorse for sheep, goat, and high-country mule deer hunters. Weighing in at 3 pounds 15 ounces, the Terminus is constructed with a waterproof textile, extremely resistant to abrasion from rocks and brush, and able to efficiently haul enough gear for extended expeditions AND bring the goods home when you get a kill. To minimize excess leverage and maximize load placement, the 2200-cubic inch internal Load Cell positions the meat next to the frame and closest to your center of gravity. This design leaves 4800 cubic inches of usable space to load your gear for the pack out. The Load Cell is also made with a lighter UHMWPE fabric that will prevent blood from leaking through into the main bag. Two drain holes at the bottom of the Load Cell also prevent blood from pooling.

load cell bag

The left image illustrates the Load Cell system on the Terminus 7000, which allows boned-out meat to be placed within the main bag. The right image shows our traditional Load Shelf system, which carries larger quantities of bone-in or boned-out meat between the bag and frame.

Other Terminus features include a dedicated internal spotting scope pocket, a 500-cubic inch lid, and attachment points for SG Swing Out Pockets. The Terminus Accessory Pocket (sold separately) is compatible with the Terminus hip belt for extra storage, including a built-in cartridge holder for up to 8 rifle rounds. Like all SG packs, the Terminus can be compressed into Bivy Mode so you can hunt with it once you drop camp.

Because the Load Cell is located within the main bag, hunters must make sure they leave enough room when packing their bag to accommodate their boned-out quarry. As with everything in hunting, plan for success.

lyle with ram

For hunters pursuing larger game and prefer to haul their meat bone-in, or for those who want the ability to swap out other SG packs and frames, our extensive line of bags that are compatible with our Xcurve, Krux EVO, and R3 frames are likely a better option. Each of those frames enable you to extend the bag from the frame to deploy the Load Shelf and haul meat as big as the hindquarters of a moose.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Terminus, this comparison breaks down the differences between Load Shelf and Load Cell packs to help you find the pack best suited for your needs. If you have more questions, our customer service team is on hand to help.


  • Frame System: Independent frames (Xcurve, Krux EVO, R3) that are interchangeable with any compatible SG bag
  • Fabric: 500-Denier Cordura and Xpac®
  • Load Hauling System: Expandible Load Shelf
  • Capacity: 2800 cubic inches (Approach 2800) to 7900 cubic inches (Sky Guide 7900)
  • Pack Weight Range: 3lbs 13oz (Evo 3300) to 6lbs 1oz (Sky Guide 7900)


  • Frame System: Internal Krux EVO frame (sewn into bag)
  • Fabric: Waterproof SG ULTRA PE Fabric and X-Pac®
  • Load Hauling System: Internal Load Cell
  • Capacity: 7000 cubic inches: 4300-cubic inch main bag / 2200-cubic inch collapsible internal Load Cell / 500-cubic inch lid (included)
  • Pack Weight: 3lbs 15oz