Lyle's Shed Hunting Pack Dump

Spring is rapidly approaching, and it's hard not to start dreaming about stretching my legs in search of big brown elk sheds.

I started shed hunting at an early age, picking up my first shed on the ranch of a family friend. I was instantly hooked on the experience, and shed hunting has become something I do every year.

Over the years, my tactics for finding sheds have changed. In the early days, I spent countless hours with my boots on the ground, zig-zagging across the mountain, searching for horns. Now, I try and work my way up to high points adjacent from large burnt off faces and let my spotter do most of the work. I still spend plenty of time in the dirt, but as I get older, I try to work smarter, not harder.

I have hauled countless heavy loads off the mountain, so a good pack is essential to being comfortable while under a heavy load. I have been running our EVO Frame for the past three seasons. I find the EVO to be incredibly comfortable, and I like the weight savings as well.

Below is a breakdown of the gear I will be using for shed hunting this year. My trips typically consist of 1-2 days in the backcountry—my pack usually weighs right around 30 pounds.

Lyle's Shed Hunting Gear

Lyle's Gear List

  1. Stone Glacier EVO 3300 Pack - Large Belt (My waist size is 37")
  2. Blackhawk® SERPA CQC Holster (Glock 20 10mm Auto)
  3. Stone Glacier Chilkoot 15° Sleeping Bag (10 Liter eVent® Compression Dry Sack)
  4. NeoAir® XLite™ Sleeping Pad
  5. Inflatable Camp Pillow
  6. Stone Glacier SkyAir Ult Shelter
  7. Stone Glacier SkyAir Ult Vestibule
  8. Stone Glacier SkyAir Ult Flatfootprint
  9. MSR® PocketRocket® Deluxe Stove Kit
  10. Stone Glacier Compression Strap Extender Kit
  11. Baby Wipes & Toilet Paper
  12. SG Ram Logo 32 oz. Wide Mouth Nalgene Clear
  13. TITANSTRAPS® Utility Strap – 18″
  14. Stone Glacier Grumman Goose Down Jacket
  15. Stone Glacier Swingout Pocket - Gear (Fire Strater, Rope, Batteries, etc.)
  16. Stone Glacier Swingout Pocket - Medical Items (Quickclot, Band-Aids, Blister Care, etc.)
  17. Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Bank
  18. Titanium Long Handle Spoon
  19. Platy® 2.0L Bottle
  20. Food Bundle (1400 - 1800 Cals/Bundle)
  21. Mule Deer Jerkey
  22. Chicken Teriyaki with Rice - Pro-Pak®
  23. Stone Glacier M5 Jacket
  24. Stone Glacier M5 Pant
  25. Extreme Gear Bison Down Gloves
  26. Petzl® Tikka Headlamp
  27. Natrapel 12-hour Insect Repellent
  28. Nuun Sport + Caffeine
  29. Duckworth Knit Watchman Hat with Visor
  30. Leatherman® Topo Signal®
  31. Gerber® Exchange-A-Blade Saw
  32. Glock 20 10mm Auto
  33. Leica APO-Televid (82) Angled
  34. Field Optics MicroLite FT
  35. Sirui K-20x Ball Head
  36. Sitting Pad (Made from carpet padding)

Lyle Hebel Sheds