Helio Series + Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology

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A consistent theme of our design ethos here at Stone Glacier is to employ industry-leading technologies and innovations to create products that function at the highest possible level in the field. When we first began developing an insulating mid-layer, it was quickly apparent that the use of synthetic materials was necessary to meet our goals. Synthetic textiles insulate better, are lighter in overall weight, dry quicker, breathe better, and are more packable then their natural counterparts such as wool or cotton.

However, the challenge to the synthetic textiles we tested was the odor they incurred when used over extended periods. This odor was a roadblock in our development process as we looked specifically to design these mid-layers for backcountry use. As it turns out, we learned that freshly secreted sweat has very little odor. We also learned that the surface of certain types of textiles fosters the growth of bacteria as the sweat is wicked and pulled through the garment. These bacteria that grow on the textile from your sweat are what present the foul smell over time.

Thus, we began our search for odor controlling treatments that could prevent this phenomenon and create a product with all the advantages of synthetic textiles and the ability to avert smell like their natural counterparts. This was when we came across the Polygiene®.


Polygiene® prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria at the source by using low concentrations of silver salt (silver chloride), which has antimicrobial properties. The treatment is applied at the finishing stages of textile production at the textile mill, allowing the odor control technology to be integrated directly into the fabric. This process also means that the odor control treatment lasts the usable life of the garment and can not be washed out or diluted over time.

After extensive research and in-field testing, we worked directly with our textile mill to implement Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology into the manufacturing process of our all-new Helio Hoody and Helio Bottoms. The result is a fleece mid-layer that dries rapidly, wicks moisture quickly, is light and packable, and can be worn on extended hunts without stinking.


What are the benefits of Polygiene® Stays Fresh Technology?

The silver salt (AgCl, silver chloride) in Polygiene inhibits and guards against the growth of odors from microbes such as bacteria, fungus and mildew.

Your garments will:

  • Stays Fresh – Polygiene inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria for that fresh-all-day feeling. Odor develops when odor-causing bacteria settles into the fabric, mixes with sweat and multiplies.
  • Stays Hygienic – Polygiene helps prevent odor and prolongs the lifetime of clothing, footwear, gear and wetsuits since the products are treated to resist deterioration by mold fungus and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Have a lifetime effect – The treatment will last life- time of the product.
  • Be more climate smart - Wear More. Wash Less® – Polygiene treated products can be used several times before washing and can be washed at lower temperatures which means that you save energy, water, time and money.
  • Longer lifetime of garments, gear and footwear – Fibers live longer without bacteria and excessive washing, and treated products are not discarded prematurely due to odor.
  • Less luggage can be used when traveling.
  • Recycleable – Polygiene-treated products can be recycled when worn-out.
  • Polygiene is bluesign® approved – the textile industry’s demanding environmental certification with a life-cycle approach.

Helio Mid-layer
Helio Mid-layer