Meateater Podcast - With Kurt Racicot & Pete Muennich

Meateater Podcast with Stone Glacier

Steven Rinella talks with Kurt Racicot and Pete Muennich of Stone Glacier Packs, along with Brittany Brothers and Janis Putelis of the MeatEater crew. Subjects Discussed: Ultralight backpacks; being alone in the woods for a long time; more on the New Jersey Cat Lady; three types of hunting tags; cash tips and guided hunters; Martin vs. Wadell; the brutality of Montana's unlimited bighorn sheep units; suffering; the science of packing meat; the functional quality of neatness; Steve's new marketing slogan ("We Hunt Unlimited Sheep") that Stone Glacier oughta be using; catchin' pus' in shrimp pots; and more. Check out the show notes to dig deeper into the books, studies, ideas, and stories mentioned in this episode.

Listen to the Full Podcast Below: