Picking the Best Pant for Your Hunt

A technical hunting apparel system is only as good as the sum of its parts. When everything is working together, a hunter can focus on the task at hand and push their boundaries. Weak links will be readily apparent and quickly become nagging distractions in the field.

Pants are a perfect example of this. Although often underappreciated, pants are nonnegotiable necessities on mountain hunts. You may have a good pack, jacket and boots, but if your pants don't fit right or don’t stand up to abuse in the field, you’ll forget all about the rest of your system as you curse your britches.

Pants get put through the ringer more than any piece of apparel, which is exactly why it’s so important to have a great pair; chasing big game requires a lot from our legs. Whether you’re busting brush, crawling through cactus, or picking your way across a 60° scree slope, the right pant will resist abrasion, wick sweat, keep the elements out and move with your body as you close crucial distance on prey.

Like any piece of gear, picking the best hunting pant requires a few considerations. Stone Glacier hunting pants are designed and built around three priorities: fit, function, and lightness. Our pants are designed to excel in rugged backcountry terrain and challenging conditions while fitting perfectly no matter what the weather conditions or your other layers might be.

We broke down our three primary pants below and how best to fit them in your system. As always, feel free to give us a shout at the shop if you have questions.

206 Pant

  • Use-Case: Ultra-active mountain hunting in hot conditions
  • Benefits: Streamlined and ultralight with 4-way stretch nylon blend fabric for unimpeded mobility and durability in technical terrain. Quick-drying and moisture-wicking to stay dry as you sweat.
Stone Glacier 206 Hunting Pant

The 206 Pant is our most minimal pant, made for hot conditions and active hunts. Think run-and-gun hunting for antelope in archery season or hot weather backpack hunts when weight and breathability are key.

The 206 features our most streamlined and athletic fit, leaving almost no excess fabric to create noise from friction or to get caught on branches. The 88% nylon / 12% spandex 4-way stretch fabric is incredibly thin and stretchy without compromising durability. Two simple zippered thigh vents add extra cooling properties, and minimal pockets provide ample storage without impeding your agility. Like all of our pants, the 206 features our Patented Contour Waist™ System to ensure a perfect fit.

Also, because it’s such a lightweight and packable layer, the 206 Pant can work great as an extra layer of insurance on any backpack hunt. If you get caught in the rain and your slacks get soaked, you don’t always have time to let them dry before your next hunt. Having a pair in your backpocket will keep you in the game as your primary pant dries.

As the season progresses and cooler conditions start to creep in, the De Havilland LITE Pant will pick up the baton and hit its stride through the bulk of the midseason.


  • Use-Case: Ultimate versatility from warm to cold conditions.
  • Benefits: Midweight nylon/spandex double-weave fabric with large side zips to maximize thermal regulation.
Stone Glacier De Havilland LITE Hunting Pant

The De Havilland LITE is our most versatile pant and is designed to perform across the bulk of hunting conditions. This pant’s adaptability and lightweight-yet-durable fabric have helped to make it a customer and staff favorite.

An athletic fit enables mobility and stealth in rugged terrain, but the design also leaves enough room to add layers like the Chinook Merino Bottom and Helio Zip-Off Bottom underneath as temps cool. If you need to hightail it to the ridge, instantly dump heat by venting through the Stratum™ Layered Zipper System. As you add layers and lose (or gain) weight through the season, the Patented Contour Waist™ System gives you instant adaptability to customize the pant’s fit. This system also rides seamlessly under a pack without create bunching or hot spots under a heavy pack.

When rain and flurries turn to persistent snow and ice, enlist the original De Havilland Pant to go to work on your coldest hunts.

De Havilland Pant

  • Use-Case: Ultra-durable and versatile pant that can extend from the midseason into frigid late-season conditions.
  • Benefits: Polyester/Nylon/Spandex blend that provides excellent abrasion, wind and water resistance with large side zips to dump heat and moisture from sweat.
Stone Glacier De Havilland Hunting Pant

The De Havilland Pant was the first pant we built and still holds its own for its ability to bust brush, post-hole through snow and ice, and provide warmth and weather resistance while also allowing instant ventilation during periods of high activity. If you’re going to be burning the boot leather in cold conditions, this pant will meet and exceed your expectations.

The De Havilland and De Havilland LITE pants share the same cut, which allows the wearer to add base layers and mid layer bottoms as needed. The De Havilland Pant also includes our Patented Contour Waist™ System and Stratum™ Layered Zipper System for ultimate adaptability. The De Havilland’s thicker fabric will also provide added thermal value and water resistance to extend your range and performance in frigid conditions.


By the Numbers

Feature 206 Pant De Havilland Lite Pant De Havilland Pant
Weight 15.4 oz. (L) 1 lb. 3 oz. (L) 1 lb. 8 oz. (L)
Fabric 88% nylon / 12% spandex 4-way stretch blend
89% Nylon, 11% Spandex Double Weave
50% Polyester, 43% Nylon, 7% Spandex
Durable water repellent treatment Yes Yes Yes
Hip Pockets 2 2 2
Thigh Pockets 1 right leg zippered pocket 2 quiet-button cargo pockets
2 quiet-button cargo pockets
Ventilation Two Small Inner Thigh Zips Two Large Side Zips
Two Large Side Zips
Knee Pad Compatible No Yes Yes
Primary Use Hot conditions Moderate conditions Cold conditions