The SG Contour Waist™ System

Pants…try hunting without them. Your hunting buddies simply don’t want to see it, and your getaway sticks definitely wouldn’t like crawling through the brush or walking through two feet of snow without a trusty, protective pair of trousers.

Pants are absolutely essential, but finding the perfect hunting pants — pants that both fit and function exactly like you need them to — can still be an unnecessarily difficult endeavor. Part of the reason is there is just a lot to account for. The combination of activity, abrasion, temperature fluctuations, and compatibility with boots, insulation layers, and a pack all make pants a little more complicated than other pieces of apparel.

Stone Glacier Contour Waist™ System

When we set out to design the best hunting pants possible, we knew there were multiple problems to address. Wearability under a pack and the overall fit were at the top of the list. Our patented Contour Waist™ System solved both. By allowing the wearer up to three inches of adjustment through a micro-adjust zipper fly, we completely eliminated the need for buttons, a bulky belt, and excess belt loops. Gone are the days of bunching from excess fabric from over-cinching your pants to get them to fit right. This system also allowed us to offset the built-in belt connection so that it doesn't create a hot spot underneath your pack belt buckle. All of this creates a better fit and a better experience as you cover miles and miles of rugged terrain.

The biggest benefit of the Contour Waist™ System is fit flexibility. Whether you’re adjusting the waist to accommodate fluctuations in body weight throughout the year or adapting the fit as you add or shed layers during dynamic conditions, Stone Glacier pants will always fit exactly how you need them to, period.

To further serve customers who find themselves in between traditional sizing, we also added a medium large size in our De Havilland LITEDe Havilland, and M7 pants. This addition gives customers 10 sizes to choose from in these pants, and each size offers the two inches of additional adjustment through the Contour Waist™ System.

The De Havilland and De Havilland LITE pants will take you from summer scouting all the way through the late-season with the addition of insulation layers like the Helio Bottom. When skies turn surly, the M5 and M7 pants are built to shield you from torrential rain and snow. As you stack layers, the Contour Waist™ System will ensure each layer wears seamlessly on the next, and the Stratum™ Layered Zipper System will allow you to easily vent all the way to your skin so you can instantly dump heat when needed.

hunter hauling bull elk in Stone Glacier hunting pack

The sizing charts below will help you to determine your Stone Glacier pant size, and as always, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at the shop if you need assistance finding your new favorite pair of hunting pants.

Stone Glacier Size Chart Table

Nearly all Stone Glacier pants feature our patented Contour Waist™ system, which allows for three inches of waist adjustment. Additionally, SG pants are sized accordingly for layering. If you wear a large in our base layers, you will also wear a large in other SG layers. If you are sure of your traditional waist size and how our products will fit, please reference the "Measured Belt Line" chart below.

Stone Glacier Size Chart Table

Proper Fit & Use:

Our patented Contour Waist™ System is designed to provide an exact fit around your waist. No more buying pants that are slightly too large or don’t fit quite right. As well, this system allows you to adjust the waist size of your pants to allow for a proper fit when layering base layers or insulation bottoms underneath. To adjust the Contour Waist, follow the below steps:

Stone Glacier Contour Waist Demo

Note: Proper fit is best achieved by adjusting the Contour Waist while wearing the pants.

  1. Unfasten the top buckle attachment and unzip the zipper fly.
  2. While the zipper fly is unzipped, detach the left side (left as when the wearer is looking down on the zipper fly) of the zipper from the hook and loop pad by pulling it down and away, starting at the top.
  3. Reattach the zipper fly to the hook and loop pad by starting at the bottom and pressing it firmly and evenly up towards the top. Attaching the zipper at a steeper angle to the left, will adjust the pants smaller. Attaching the zipper further to the right will adjust the pants larger.
  4. Once the zipper is reattached, zip up the fly as normal and fasten the top buckle, adjusting tension as necessary. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the proper fit is achieved.
  5. Once you find your proper fit the zipper fly will work as normal and adjustment does not need to be made again until required when layering or as desired.