Ultralight, Adaptable Shelters for Minimalist Hunters

For backcountry hunters, every ounce matters. The more lightweight and versatile your gear, the better equipped you are to separate yourself from the pack and to meet the challenges ahead. We designed our tents and shelters to give hunters the ability to adapt to various conditions without compromising on essential shelter and weather protection.

Stone Glacier ultralight hunting tents

Stone Glacier hunting tents and shelters feature multiple, modular configurations that allow you to head into the mountains with confidence and with as light a pack as possible. Our hunting shelter systems can accommodate your style and allow you to adapt to dynamic mountain conditions, whether you prefer using trekking poles, sticks, tree branches, or any other suitable objects for tie-offs and shelter support.

We’ve included our primary configuration options below for the SkyTarp 10, SkyAir ULT, Sky Solus 1P, and Skyscraper 2P. It’s important to note that while the following setups are recommended, you can use them as a baseline to customize your own favorite configurations.

SkyTarp 10

The SkyTarp 10 — our lightest hunting shelter — gives hunters the freedom to choose their preferred pitching method. Use it as your primary shelter, cook tarp, or sunshade. The options are endless, and whether you’re using trekking poles, sticks, branches, or tying off on rocks, the SkyTarp 10 can provide a base level of shelter at a virtually unnoticeable weight and size in your pack.

It’s crucial to bring an adequate number of stakes based on the terrain you'll be camping in.

SkyTarp 10 hunting shelter

Above, an improvised SkyTarp 10 setup. Below, the standard A-frame tarp setup.

SkyTarp 10 hunting shelter

For an A-frame tarp setup, 12 stakes are recommended. However, if you don't anticipate strong winds or precipitation, you can always reduce the number of stakes. The recommended minimum trail weight of the SkyTarp 10 is a mere 13.5 oz. (including the tarp and six guylines). With 12 stakes, extra guys lines, and stuff sacks, your shelter weighs just 1 lb. 3.5 oz.


SkyAir ULT

The SkyAir ULT is our lightest three-season, one-person hunting shelter. This bivy style tent offers exceptional adaptability with multiple setup configurations. The setup options below require stakes, and each stake weighs 0.4 oz. While tree branches can be used to pitch the SkyAir ULT, we highly recommend bringing two trekking poles.

SkyAir ULT hunting shelter

Minimum Trail Weight
With just the fly, this setup features a minimum trail weight of 10.3 oz. and requires 10 stakes and a pair of trekking poles. If the stars are out and the bugs are not, it’s ideal. This is a great option for August scouting and early season archery hunts.

Fly with ULT Flat Footprint
This is similar to the above setup, with the addition of a 3 oz. footprint for protection from ground moisture and dirt. (13.3 oz. total)

Fly with ULT Vestibule
To seal off the front of the fly for added protection for your pack or boots, clip in the 4 oz. vestibule. No additional stakes or poles are needed. (14.3 oz. total)

Mesh Insert and Fly
When the bugs are intense, you’ll be glad you packed along the 10-oz. Mesh Insert. Total setup weight with the fly and 10 stakes is 1 lb. 4.3 oz. Don’t forget trekking poles.

Mesh Insert, Fly, and Vestibule 
For total protection from the bugs and weather, use the mesh insert, fly, and vestibule for a total weight of 24.3 oz. Add or subtract 0.4 oz. stakes as needed.

SkyAir ULT hunting shelter

Sky Solus 1P

The Sky Solus is a versatile four-season, one-person tent designed for camping in tight spots. Its unique WebTruss™ construction offers easy setup in challenging conditions and makes it impervious to wind, rain, and snow. The dual-vestibule system lets you place a pack or other gear within easy reach just outside of the tent body thanks to unique vent/vestibule ports that still maintain a small footprint.  There are a number of setup options for the Sky Solus, allowing you to design your shelter to fit your needs.

Sky Solus 1P hunting tent

Minimum Trail Weight 
We recommend packing the rainfly, tent body, WebTruss, two poles, and eight guy lines,

which brings the combined minimum trail weight to 3 lbs. 11 oz. This setup assumes you will have rocks and tree branches to guy out the tent and secure stake lines.

Footprint and Fly 
If you want to run a bare-bones shelter, combine the Flat Footprint and the fly. You’ll still 

need to include the WebTruss, two poles, 14 stakes, and 14 guy lines. The total weight of this setup is 3 lbs. 14.6 oz.

Tub Footprint with Fly
Turn the Solus into an ultralight, early-season shelter when the bugs aren’t out but the snow and mud are still in play. This setup includes the Sky Solus Tub Footprint, rainfly, 

WebTruss, poles, stakes, and guy lines. Total weight: 3 lbs. 6.4 oz. 

Full Solus System Setup
When you know the weather will get nasty above timberline, the Solus is your shelter from the storm. The complete system includes the rainfly, tent body, WebTruss, poles, stakes, and guy lines for a combined weight of 4 lbs. 6 oz. Additional accessories like repair sleeves, DAC clips, and stuff sacks add 3.3 oz.

Sky Solus 1P hunting tent

Skyscraper 2P

Stone Glacier Skyscraper 2P hunting tent

The Skyscraper 2P is an ultralight, low-profile, four-season tent designed for two people and their gear. Each hunter has their own side-vestibule space for boots and other gear, which is within easy reach while inside the tent thanks to two side vestibule ports.  It offers exceptional protection against wind, rain, bugs, and snow. Plus, the low profile and bombproof construction make pitching on ridgelines easy. With numerous options, you can customize your setup for every hunt, trimming weight or adding options.

Minimum Trail Weight 
We recommend packing the rainfly, tent body, WebTruss, two poles, and eight guy lines,

which brings the combined minimum trail weight to 4 lbs. 6 oz.

Flat Footprint with Fly
To use the fly without poles, you’ll need to utilize trekking poles to complete this setup. The setup weight is 3 lbs. 13.6 oz. and includes the Skyscraper Flat Footprint, rainfly, WebTruss, poles, 14 stakes, and eight guy lines.

Tub Footprint with Fly
This setup includes the Skyscraper 2P Tub Footprint, rainfly, WebTruss, poles, 14 stakes, and eight guy lines. Total weight: 3 lbs. 5 oz.

Ultralight 4-Season
Few tents can offer this level of protection in such a lightweight package. This setup includes the tent body, fly, poles, and eight guy lines. Keep in mind, this excludes the WebTruss, saving 6.3 oz. The total weight for this setup is 4 lbs. 10.7 oz.

Ultimate 4-Season 

Skyscraper 2P hunting tent

When you know that snow and cold will be factors on your hunt, you need bombproof protection. Even though you’ll need every component of this system, it’s only a hair over five pounds. This option includes the tent body, rainfly, WebTruss, three poles, 14 stakes, 10 guy lines, and additional accessories like stuff sacks, buckle kit, and pole repair sleeve.

In addition to the tents and shelters mentioned above, Stone Glacier also offers the SG Dome 6P, a durable and spacious four-season option that provides excellent protection across the spectrum of weather conditions. Although it doesn't offer multiple setup options, it's a tent worth considering for larger hunting parties. At 27 pounds in a compact package, the SG Dome is a great alternative to heavy and cumbersome wall tents.

SG Dome expedition hunting tent

Like Stone Glacier’s packs, apparel, and sleep systems, our tents and shelters are lightweight and durable, built for the rigors of mountain hunting. We design everything—especially tent systems—with versatility in mind so you can customize your setup based on your preferences and the conditions you expect to encounter on the mountain.