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Chilkoot 0° & Chilkoot 15°

Like backpacks, sleeping bags are an essential piece of gear that every experienced backpack hunter knows not to skimp on. Warmth-to-weight ratios, R-values, temp ratings, packability, and overall weight are a few of the things we calculated to find a solution that will ultimately keep you comfortable and well rested to perform at the highest level on the mountain.

We spent countless hours scouring materials, vendors, testing different designs, and detailing specifications to ultimately create the best-performing sleeping bags we’ve ever used. We partnered with industry-leading material suppliers — Pertex® and Allied Feather and Down — and married them in a cocoon with just the right amount of technical simplicity to produce a sleeping bag worth its weight in gold.


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A differentially cut and fitted hood maintains down loft and incorporates an insulated cuff with a unique elastic magnetic seal to trap in heat, provide efficient thermal regulation, eliminate weight, and simplify the closure system.


Dacron tape-backed reverse coil YKK zipper prevents snagging for ease of use.


Pertex® Quantum shell provides a high level of wind and water resistance to protect the 850+ fill power HyperDRY™DWR treated goose down insulation.


Unique baffle construction increases protection from moisture and shields the baffle stitching from abrasion.



Innovative differential patterning construction eliminates wall collapse from body pressure, maintaining a consistent layer of loft around the entire body regardless of sleeping position.


Anatomically shaped footbox allows feet to splay naturally and is fully baffled and differentially cut to maintain loft.

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The HyperDRY™ natural wax-based compound works the same way traditional durable water repellent (DWR) chemicals do by building a carbon-hydrogen chain on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension, which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off. The difference is that wax, as a material, is not fluorinated. The fluoridation of the carbon-hydrogen chains in previously used DWR treatments is what gives these chemicals an extremely long lifespan, making them almost impossible to break down and wreak havoc on the ecosystem in our waterways.

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Pertex® Quantum uses a tightly woven structure to provide a light and soft fabric that allows insulation to fully loft. Precisely constructed from incredibly fine yarns, Pertex® Quantum fabrics are designed to trap still air and improve the efficiency of insulation. A durable water repellent (DWR) finish sheds light rain and snow to provide additional weather protection.


Tough to find in the sleeping bag world!

When we set out to create a sleeping bag that was truly different than the rest, it quickly became evident that there was a lot of BS and marketing fluff in the sleeping bag world that could mislead even the most discerning user. For example, a standard does not exist for temperature ratings! is this possible? That means any company can call their bag any degree rating they want without any testing or repercussions.

There is a scientific temperature testing method that works great and is very accurate, but it is not required and many sleeping bag manufacturers don’t even publicize the results. What does this mean to consumers? The burden is on you to make sure you are comparing apples to apples when shopping for various bags. Just because a bag says it is a zero-degree bag and weighs 2 pounds doesn’t necessarily mean that its warmth-to-weight ratio is better than another bag that says zero degrees and weighs 3 pounds. Ask the brands you are looking at to provide the details of their temperature rating tests, and if they won’t, you should be very suspicious.

The most common and widely used temperature rating testing method is ISO 23537. There are only a handful of institutions that perform this test and the most common for US-based companies is at Kansas State University. The results provided are based on various scenarios, and the output is categorized into three buckets:

T Comfort - Lower limit of the range in which the user is in a relaxed position, laying on their back and not feeling cold. Uses the metabolic rate of a female which is typically lower than a man’s.

T Limit - Lower limit of the range in which the user is in a curled up position and not feeling cold. Uses the metabolic rate of a male which is typically higher than a woman's.

T Extreme - Lower limit of the range in which the user is in a curled up position and is at risk of health damage due to hypothermia. Uses the metabolic rate of a female, which is typically lower than a man’s.

Through our research, we found that most sleeping bag manufactures market and label the temp ratings of their sleeping bags based on the T Limit result. Often, this result is then rounded to the nearest 5° or 10° to categorize and name the bag. However, we also found that many brands do not publicize the results of their tests at all. This lack of consistency and transparency creates an inherent problem when comparing sleeping bags for overall weight. Although one sleeping bag may seem significantly lighter in overall weight, it may not have the same thermal regulating capabilities as others with the same marketed temperature rating.

In the interest of transparency, we want to ensure the complete results of our sleeping bag temperature rating tests are available. Additionally, it was critical to us that the temp rating we marketed would truly be representative of the temperature at which our customers will be comfortable using our bags. It is our promise to you that we will always publicize and make the complete test results of our sleeping bags readily available. We want you to be confident in what you are using and have the data necessary to make an educated purchase.

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Featherlight Comfort



The Chilkoot 32º quilt is highly-packable, lightweight, and designed for early-to mid-season backcountry hunts. With a focus on warmth-to-weight ratio, the Chilkoot 32° quilt utilizes industry-leading materials to achieve an overall weight and temperature rating that is second to none. A Pertex® Quantum shell adds water and wind resistance to protect the 850+ Fill power goose down HyperDRY™ insulation. An articulated foot box and differential cut provide warmth and maintain loft around the body regardless of sleeping position. A snap closure on the collar holds in your body heat. Four adjustable straps on the bottom of the quilt allow you to regulate your body temperature and keep the quilt secured to your sleeping pad. During colder nights, fully tighten these straps to maximize heat retention. Sleep with the straps fully extended on warm nights to maintain a comfortable body temp.