2024 New Gear Recap

Author / Justin Helvik, Avid Outdoorsman

The long, dog days of summer can only mean one thing: hunting season is just around the corner. For many of us, we have already taken to the field, stretching those legs in participation of pursuing that bugling bull elk or capturing a glimpse of that thinhorn ram grazing on some distant ridgeline. Whether you are one of the lucky ones who drew a coveted permit or if you are hunting general tags, the process starts now.

Here at Stone Glacier, we released a full lineup of new gear to help get dialed. From a new lifestyle line of clothing to to the new and improved Sentinel Bino System, we have you covered from backyard BBQs to alpine pursuits. 

Sentinel Bino Harness System

Sentinel Bino System hunting bino harness

Sentinel Bino Harness is streamlined and provides waterproof protection using our 3-layer HydraShield laminate. Coming in both regular and large sizes, there is a harness to fit most binos. Additionally, the harness hood can be adjusted precisely using our OptikFit technology. Our fully enclosed hood is like a ninja in the night: silent, sleek, and ready to strike. No snaps or magnets, only smooth, silent stalking — just like you. The Sentinel’s shoulder straps also feature low-profile padding for more comfort, ensuring you can wear it all day without feeling like you're carrying a sack of potatoes on your chest. Plus, like all of our gear, the harness is designed for seamless wear with a pack.

The Sentinel Bino Harness features structured wing attachment points, creating a solid platform to attach a number of Sentinel Accessories. The wings provide a stable platform to keep your accessories securely in place, even when you’re sprinting through the wilderness like a gazelle on steroids. The Sentinel Bino Harness isn’t just a harness - it’s peace of mind for your peepers. So sling it on, cinch it tight, and get ready to venture into the great unknown with the confidence that your binos are safe, dry, and always at your side. 

Sentinel Rangefinder Pocket

The Sentinel Rangefinder Pocket lid operates just like the bino harness, featuring the same OptikFit technology. Adjust the front hood height for a custom fit that’s more personalized than your morning coffee order. It attaches seamlessly to the harness’ integrated wings, ensuring your rangefinder stays put no matter how wild the adventure gets. Housing your rangefinder has never been quieter or more secure. With this pocket by your side, precision is always within reach. 

Sentinel Ballistics Pocket

Sentinel Bino Harness - Ballistics Pocket

Meet the
Sentinel Ballistics Pocket, aka, the sharpshooter’s sidekick. It’s like having your own personal marksman’s caddy, ready to help you hit the bullseye every time. The Sentinel Ballistics Pocket stores your Kestrel weather meter and includes a 4” elastic band to securely store most short action AICS magazines. Whether you’re honing your skills at the shooting range or channeling your inner Quigley in the outback, the Sentinel Ballistics Pocket has you covered. 

Sentinel Side Pocket

Say hello to your “gadget guardian,” the Sentinel Side Pocket. This sleek pocket is the protector of your precious gadgets and gear, securing your phone, GPS, and anything else you need at a moment’s notice. Whether you have the latest iPhone or the biggest Android, this pocket has room to spare. No more hiking with a giant computer bunching up in your pant pockets.  Because you never know when you’ll need to reload, the integrated elastic ammo holder is like your trusty sidekick, always ready to lend a hand (or a bullet).

Sentinel Bottom Pocket

The Sentinel Bottom Pocket attaches underneath the Sentinel Bino Harness (and Skyline Bino Harness) to house your most prized possessions – like sunglasses and snacks. It is the perfect spot for storing your inReach, a lighter, a small knife, Sour Patch Kids, or any other small essential you need for your adventure.

Sentinel Bear Spray Holster

The Sentinel Bear Spray Holster attaches seamlessly beneath your Sentinel Bino Harness (or Skyline Bino Harness) or SG pack hip belt, ensuring your bear spray is always within reach. Our minimalist design provides instant access to your bear spray, so you’re ready to defend yourself faster than a bear can maul an unprepared hiker. 

Compression Sacks

Compression Sack

Packing and loading your pack is not just about weight. Saving valuable cubic inches is often as critical as cutting ounces. Now, you can dial in your space more efficiently by using our new
compression sacks. Each size is tailored to efficiently pack your Stone Glacier (and other) gear. The extra-small (6L) will fit both your Grumman Down Jacket and Pants, or the Chilkoot 32° Quilt, or the Sky Solus 1P Tent (minus poles). The small (10L) will house the Chilkoot 15° Sleeping Bag or Skyscraper 2P tent. The medium (14L) will swallow your Chilkoot 0° Sleeping Bag. The SG Compression Sacks are the secret weapon in your quest for more space, less hassle, and a dash of weather-resistance. These sacks are like the Marie Kondo of outdoor gear storage, tidying up your pack with ruthless efficiency. 

Tokeen 2600

Tokeen 2600 hunting daypack

Tokeen 2600, built  from the same bombproof fabric as the Terminus series of packs, is the ultimate daypack. The internal frame efficiently carries a heavy load including your spotting scope, water bladder, and whatever other gadgets you have in your arsenal. Tougher than a grizzly bear in a wrestling match, our SG ULTRA fabric stands up to the nastiest abuse from abrasion to ensure your gear stays safe inside. Featuring two external zippered pockets, one internal zippered pocket and an internal sleeve, you can organize your gear how you want it. Coming in under three pounds and as tough as nails, this has become our go-to day pack. The Tokeen is like vintage Chuck Norris in a fight: calm, collected, and ready to kick ass. 

Cirque LITE Vest

Cirque LITE Vest - synthetic active insulation vest

Cirque LITE Vest is your trusty companion in the battle against chilly temperatures and cumbersome clothing. It is the perfect blend of warmth and breathability designed to keep you comfortable without cramping your style. You can wear this vest literally any time of year. We put the warmth where you need it most and the breathability where you need to let off steam. It’s like having a personal climate control system built right into your vest. Wear it as a standalone outer layer on mild days or layer it under heavier jackets when the mercury drops.

Helio Pullover

Helio Pullover - microgrid fleece half-zip pullover

Helio Pullover brings you layering versatility without the bulkiness of a hood. Say goodbye to hood wars and hello to unparalleled layering versatility. The micro-grid fleece is a marvel of modern thermodynamics, allowing perspiration to escape while still keeping you warm as you charge up the mountain. Simple yet helpful features like built in thumb loops, Polygiene odor control, and a stretchy, articulated fit will make this a piece you never leave at home - unless you want to give your other midlayers a fighting chance. 

M5 Pant

The new M5 Pant not only features new a color (Muskeg) but now has integrated built-in thigh pockets. These streamlined, zippered pockets allow you to keep those indispensable items close at hand. The M5 Pant brings the perfect balance of durability and packability to the field. The highly breathable HydraShield™ laminate paired with the quiet face fabric and Tricot backer are the ticket to staying dry while moving through the woods like a cat burglar: undetected until it’s too late. The M5 Pant also features our Patented Contour Waist™ System to dial in a precise fit. It’s almost like your waist and these pants were meant to be together — a match made in rainy heaven. 


Now you don’t have to choose between looking sharp and getting the job done. Whether you’re putting in an honest day’s work or stepping out for a night on the town, SG Lifestyle has you covered. Because who says you can’t be a beast and still look your best?

Breaks Snap Shirt

Breaks Snap Shirt

The Breaks Snap Shirt
seamlessly blends timeless style with custom SG-designed plaids and modern practicality with a cotton/polyester fabric blend, making it a versatile addition to any lineup. A sewn in lens cloth will ensure you are never left scrambling to find something to clean your sunnies while out and about. The black nickel snaps look sharp and you can let the people know what brand you ride for with our embroidered Lifestyle Ram logo.

Timber Butte Snap Shirts

With a seamless blend of style and durability, the Timber Butte Snap Shirt is equally suited for chopping wood, wrestling wolves, or impressing folks at the town festival. With custom SG plaids woven from the whiskers of Bighorn Sheep (okay, maybe just a high quality blend of 60% cotton / 40% polyester), this shirt is tailored to make you look as good at the bar as you do in the backwoods. The Timber Butte also has an integrated, hidden lens cloth and black nickel snaps. The Timber Butte Snap Shirt isn’t just clothing; it is a testament to toughness, a beacon of style, and a nod to the legendary days of old-timers who paved the way for us young guns..

Arrow Peak Pullover

Arrow Peak Pullover

Arrow Peak Pullover transitions like a chameleon. Featuring quilted synthetic insulation (60 g/m2 of quilted Primaloft ® synthetic insulation), this isn’t your grandma’s quilt - unless your grandma quilts space-age synthetic fibers into a technical garment that’s just as comfortable on the couch as it is on the trail. The Arrow Peak’s zippered kangaroo pocket can safely store your phone, snacks, or even pack the pullover itself into the pocket for easy, quick storage.  With it’s 20D nylon face fabric, you can laugh in the face of light rain and sneer at chilly breezes. The Arrow Peak Pullover isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. It is a hoody that says, “I could climb a mountain, but I might just crack a beer and watch the game instead.”

East Divide Pant

East Divide Pant

Introducing the 
East Divide Pant. This multi-tasking pant can do it all - from charming your in-laws at dinner to surviving the apocalypse. It's stylish enough for a night out and rugged enough for a day of serious work. Featuring a fabric comprised of 63% cotton / 33% polyester / 4% spandex, it is like your favorite jeans, a tactical vest, and your lady's yoga pants had a baby. The East Divide Pant features articulated knee patterning because your knees deserve to bend without feeling like they're wrapped in cardboard. With standard front and rear pockets and a low-profile side phone pocket, this pant will keep your belongings secure whether you are scaling a mountain or reaching for seconds at the dinner table. The East Divide Pant is more than just a pant; it's a declaration of versatility and resilience. Whether it is a surprise meeting, an unexpected hike, or an impromptu dance-off - they’re up for whatever you are. 

R3 Military Series: New and Updated

All of our R1, R2, and R3 packs and accessories are proudly crafted in the U.S.A. and Berry-compliant. Our R1, R2, and R3 packs and accessories now all come in MultiCam too. 

R1 2200

Meet the R1 2200: a compact, cunning pack that’s as versatile as a Swiss Army knife and as rugged as a mountain goat. Designed for 24-hour dismounted operations, this pack is your go-to when you need to pack light but think big. Integrated PALS webbing allows you to build your pack like a set of Lego bricks - build it up, break it down, customize to your heart’s content. 

R2 3200

The R2 3200 is your 36-hour sidekick for standalone dismounted operations. Built to handle everything from sunrise to he next day’s sunset, this tactical pack gives you everything you need for those extended missions. With PALS webbing on the right external side and internal back panel, this pack is a playground for MOLLE accessories. Whether you’re trekking through the wilderness, embarking on a tactical operation, or just need a reliable pack for your extended outings, the R2 has your back. 

R3 Side Bags

Whether you're rocking the R3 3300, 5900, or 7000, the R3 Side Bags seamlessly attach to provide instant extra space.

R3 Tac Weapon Sling

The R3 Tac Weapon Sling is the ultimate multitasker for your rifle or carbine. Weighing in at a featherlight 1.4 ounces, this sling is the champion of weapon carrying systems. Whether you prefer front, side, or back carry, it adapts to your needs like a tactical chameleon. It is able to support the heaviest of rifles and large optics. Whether your’re heading out for a long-range mission or a quick tactical maneuver, this sling has your back.