American-Made Hunting Gear

We design and build our packs, frames, gaiters, and other gear right here in the USA. Here’s why we’re committed to American manufacturing. 

Stone Glacier Founder and Lead Designer Kurt Racicot thinks American hunters prefer American-made hunting gear.

“In our experience, the American customer will choose a U.S.-made product over one produced overseas,” he says. “There is a sense of pride in both manufacturing in the U.S. and owning U.S. manufactured goods.”

American-made hunting gear

But that’s not the main reason Stone Glacier packs, pack accessories, bino harnesses, and gaiters are made in the USA.

“At the core, producing in the U.S. with U.S. materials supports our economy by keeping all dollars and work opportunities within our borders,” Racicot adds. 

Keeping It Local 

When he was living and hunting in Alaska for 13 years, Racicot started building packs to withstand multi-day backcountry sheep hunts in extreme environments. Those ultralight packs had to be sturdy enough to haul gear and meat back off the mountain. Stone Glacier's packs are specially designed and built to shoulder big loads, so keeping pack production domestic helps Racicot and the Stone Glacier team keep a close eye on everything from materials to manufacturing to shipping. 

“We can be on a plane and visit any of our facilities on the same day,” Racicot says. Staying close to home increases efficiencies in the timing of product development and design as well. 

In addition to packs, Stone Glacier manufactures a number of other items in the U.S. Gaiters, slings, accessories, frames, and the recently released Sentinel Bino Harness are all made in the USA. Whenever we can, we also use materials and components in the U.S. At our headquarters in Bozeman, all of our Stone Glacier products are assembled, inspected, packaged, and shipped by Stone Glacier employees.

Stateside Challenges 

While we try to make as many products as possible domestically, there are challenges in doing so. Some gear like tents, sleeping bags, and technical apparel are manufactured at trusted facilities overseas due to limitations and increased costs in the United States.

When we do build gear overseas, we carefully select manufacturing facilities based on their specific expertise in technical manufacturing.

“We play a huge role in quality control, which is paramount,” Racicot says.

American-made hunting gear

Racicot explains that Stone Glacier uses overseas factories for some gear because most U.S. sewing factories focus on products for the military. This dates back nearly a century to the Buy American Act of 1933, which gives preference to or requires the U.S. military to purchase American-made products. Note that some of Stone Glacier’s gear, like the R3 Military Series, are designed specifically for law enforcement and military applications. The R3 Series is also made in the U.S.

Most customers understand that gear made in the U.S.A. typically costs more than gear produced overseas, but Racicot sees that as one more reason to stand by every piece of gear that carries the Stone Glacier brand.

“It is our job to make sure the quality, materials, function, and customer service for our U.S.-manufactured goods outweigh the increased cost for our customers.”

American-made hunting gear

Stone Glacier Gear Made in the U.S.A. 

Packs & Accessories 

Our ultralight load-hauling packs were born in the backcountry of America’s wildest places. We proudly build them here in the U.S.A., too. Our packs are our foundation, and we use industry-leading textiles to create the lightest, most durable packs on the market. This includes our newest addition to the lineup, the Tokeen 2600. In addition to our packs, we build pack accessories like quick-access bags and pockets Stateside as well.

American-made hunting gear

R3 Military Packs

We designed our R3 packs for our nation’s military and law enforcement professionals. The overall goal was to build a durable load-carrying pack that was ultralight and rugged enough to withstand constant abuse. R3 packs are constructed of 500 denier Cordura fabric and heavy-duty webbing and buckles. We spent over three years to design and field test these packs with loads from 70 to 150 pounds to make sure that they had no structural issues. These packs are meant to carry military radios, tactical weapons and ammo, med kits, and enough gear for weeklong missions. 

SQ2 Alpine Gaiters

American-made hunting gear

From the deserts of Sonora to the peaks of the Chugach, we did our best to destroy these gaiters during the design process. The result of this constant abuse is the burliest, longest-lasting gaiter we’ve ever used. The uppers on the SQ2 feature HydraShield® RS, and the lowers feature waterproof and insanely durable X-Pac material. Together, they make one seriously tough piece of gear you can rely on season after season. 

STOL Series Duffel Bags 

Built for the adventurous nomad, STOL duffel bags offer armor-like protection for your gear during rugged expeditions. Constructed from high-end sailcloth material—renowned for its durability and water-resistance—these bags are built to withstand the rigors of travel from jetliners to bush planes, trains to off-road vehicles. Unlike more rigid designs, the STOLs are purposefully engineered with a flexible structure, allowing them to be easily rolled up and stowed when not in use.They feature a large, user-friendly Aquaguard YKK zipper, an internal storage pocket, and compression straps. The STOL 7000 is strategically sized to meet the maximum checked baggage limit, while the STOL 4000 is the ideal carry-on companion. Both models incorporate Stone Glacier's ergonomic shoulder straps, ensuring comfortable transit through airports and beyond.

American-made hunting gear

Belts, Holsters, and Slings 

We mean it when we say we manufacture as much as we can in the States, and that includes the little things like the durable and versatile SG Performance Belt. Safely and securely carry your weapon with our Quick Release Sling. Stay hydrated on the trail and keep your water supply close by with the Hydro Holster and Hydro Sleeve. We could go on, but you get the idea. 

Sentinel Bino Harness

Our latest Made in the U.S.A. product is the Sentinel Bino Harness, an optics system built for hunters, shooters, and military personnel. Packed with features like OptikFit, the harness provides waterproof, quiet, secure protection for your binos and other gear. An enhanced padded shoulder strap suspension system rides seamlessly under a pack.

The Sentienl Bino Harness is built on a modular platform, which means it’s completely customizable with accessories like the Ballistics Pocket, Side Pocket, Rangefinder Pocket, Bear Spray Holster, and Bottom Pocket—all of which are made here in the USA.

American-made hunting gear