Employee Packs - Spring 2020

When it comes to backpacks, there are thousands of ways to configure and decided on what pack might be best for you. At the end of the day there are many solutions and options that would fit the bill. Here at Stone Glacier we take pride in the fact that our employees spend a lot of time in the mountains using our product. We wanted to take a look at what some of our employees have been using for packs this spring and why.

stone glacier, kiowa, hunting, backpack

Jeff Sposito, President & CEO


My go to pack for all day hunts is the Kiowa 3200 on an Xcurve Frame. I prefer the Kiowa for it’s organizational set up, especially the integrated spotting scope pocket and full panel access to the main compartment. This set up makes frequent use of a spotter quick and easy. As well, the integrated internal storage pockets on the backside of the front panel are convenient for access to smaller pieces of gear. When mounted on an Xcurve Frame, the Kiowa has the same load hauling capabilities as any of our larger packs and access to the load-shelf is simple, making hauling quarters out of the backcountry a breeze.

stone glacier, hunting, backpack, r3 3300

Jake Purlee, Warehousing & Fulfillment


My set up is a R3 3300 on the X-Curve Frame. This is the perfect SG frame & bag combo for anyone who loves to pack out elk in style. For weekend rips to day hunts this is a work horse of a set up. The full length zipper makes accessibility a breeze, a few Swing Out Pockets for organization, and webbing keepers keep my pack looking clean.

stone glacier, hunting backpack, sky Talus 6900

Pete Meunnich, Sales Manager


My Sky Talus 6900 has been the most consistent piece of gear I've used in the last five-years. The more familiar I became with the bag's massive center-zip, side-compartments and volume configurations, the more I'd struggled to bring myself to use any of the other packs in my closet. 90% of the time I run my Sky Talus in bivy-mode. That's enough pack for me to pull off 2-3 days or less. When the big trips come up, the main bag stands tall and I slap my lid up top. 6900ci is enough pack for me to embark on any adventure no matter the season or duration. The Sky Talus is always my go-to pack, and I have no plans of changing that.

stone glacier, evo 40/56, hunting backpack

Zack Boughton, Content Marketing


The Evo 40/56 has quickly risen in the ranks of do all packs. Run in bivy mode I can stay light and fast for day hunts and quick scouting missions. When I need to throw camp on my back for multi-day trips, the expansion of the top of the pack and a lid makes for plenty of room for all my gear. The built in spotting scope pocket makes quick access a breeze when you need to put eyes on an animal in quick order. Given the minimal design I run a normal Accessory Pocket on the left hip to hold headlamp and inReach, a Large Accessory pocket on the right side for larger items such as my Kestrel or quick access snacks, and then a couple swing out pockets on the inside. Given the versatility of this setup it's been harder and harder to reach for any other pack on my trips into the mountains.

stone glacier, approach 1800, hunting backpack

Lyle Hebel, Marketing Director


The Approach 1800 is my favorite pack for day hunts and is a viable option for an overnight trip if you utilize the load-shelf. The built in spotting scope pocket and tripod holder allow for each access to my glass when need. The interior of the bag is minimally designed, which I like as it keeps the weight down. I add in two of our ultralight Swingout Pockets to keep my gear and kill kit organized. While the Approach is just 1800 cubic inches in size, I can still pack a full set of rain gear, food for the day, a 3-liter water bladder, and all the gear required for breaking down an animal post kill.

stone glacier, hunting backpack, sky talus 5900

Colby Adamek, Operations Manager


Cannot recommend this pack enough. The Sky 5900 has accompanied me on nearly all my hunts since its conception. I frequently run it compressed in bivy mode for my shorter outings (day & weekend hunts) but have also stretched it out to 10 days and everything in between. The pack embodies the word versatility with its ability to cleanly compress and expand for varying trip lengths. I also like the front pocket organization and access that the horseshoe zipper provides to the inside of the pack.

stone glacier, hunting backpack, r3 5900

Andrew Whitney, Sales & Service


The R3 5900 on the Krux Frame is a catch all pack for me. It accommodates my short spring hunts for turkeys and bears when it's compressed into bivy mode, but it also affords me enough space, when expanded into Sky Mode, to do those week long elk trips in September. The bag is everything you need and nothing you don't. I run one Camp Pocket internally and two swing outs in the front pocket to organize my knives, headlamps, archery releases etc. The only customization I have made is adding auto locking buckles to the front compression straps the ensure that my bow is compressed tight and vertically to my pack.