1 Shot Gear - Dealer Spoghtlight

1 Shot Gear in Golden, Colorado has been one of our strongest retail partners for the past three years. At the helm of 1 Shot Gear is owner/operator, Alex Bourkalov, the nicest Russian we’ve ever met. Alex started 1 Shot Gear in his garage in 2009. Like Steve Jobs, he quickly built an empire that outgrew the garage.

1 Shot Gear Stone Glacier display

1 Shot Gear’s proficiency and expertise in Stone Glacier gear comes from their own deep passion for hunting and the outdoors. Starting at the top, Alex has personally hunted the world over from the extreme wilds of Kamchatka to North America’s Rockies, top to bottom. The entire staff at 1 Shot follows Alex’s lead and hunts as much as possible. From big game and waterfowl hunting, to long range shooting and optics, these guys know their stuff.

1 Shot Gear

Personal experience is the most valuable thing a sales associate can give to a customer. Alex’s personal favorite pieces of gear include the Grumman Goose Down Jacket, Sky Talus 6900 and Skyscraper 2P Tent. The entire 1 Shot staff regularly uses Stone Glacier packs, apparel, and gear. Their commitment and expertise in Stone Glacier Gear is what makes 1 Shot Gear a step above the rest.

1 Shot Gear

Next time you find yourself in beautiful Golden, Colorado, make sure you pay them a visit. You’ll find a healthy stock of all Stone Glacier products and a friendly and helpful staff eager to fit you in a pack and answer all your backcountry gear questions!

1 Shot Gear
16190 S Golden Rd, A
Golden, CO 80401
+1 303-284-3828