We did it again!

Stone Glacier Inc 5000

For the second straight year, Stone Glacier has made Inc Magazine’s prestigious list of the fastest-growing private companies in the country! This is no easy feat, a team effort, and largely attributed to our loyal customers. With a growth rate of over 600%, we are truly proud to represent the hunting and outdoor communities on a list comprised primarily of mainstream companies.

This brand is unique in so many ways. Everything from our company culture, to our design ethos, and even our facility is different than the norm. Even the founding of the company was all but an accident. Heck, the Stone Glacier logo was first “Stone River Drifters” and put on an aluminum drift boat that Kurt built long before the existence of Stone Glacier. We believe this counterculture mentality is critical to delivering the best products and service to our customers. We don’t look at what others are doing and try to make it better; we design based on our own experiences. We don’t worry about how some other brand is going in one direction and concern ourselves with what we should do to compete. We don’t care about what the masses want or say; we just do Stone Glacier. And we do our damndest to do it the best we can.

So, here’s to raising a glass to every one of you that has every worn, used, or dreamed of donning a Stone Glacier product on your adventures. Without your loyalty and belief in this brand, we wouldn’t exist to this day. Onward, upward, and over the other side!

Jeff Sposito