RMGA Billy Goat Society

Stone Glacier was honored to sponsor the Goat Alliance’s inaugural Billy Goat Society hunt. The concept was simple – support RMGA and help give their members a chance at winning their first mountain goat hunt. We’re happy to say the 2018 drawing was RMGA’s most successful membership drive to date! A massive success for mountain goat conservation across North America.

The lucky 2018 winner, Heath Hansen, who won his first mountain goat hunt with Dustin Roe’s Backcountry BC & Beyond and also scored a new Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900, a full system from SITKA Gear and boots from Kenetrek.

Heath and his wife, Shawni, traveled to British Columbia last August and headed into goat country with guide, Dan Watson. Follow along as Heath pursues his first mountain goat.

Want to win your first mountain goat hunt from RMGA? Signing up is simple! Goat Alliance members in good standing who have never harvested a mountain goat can join the Billy Goat Society for $20.00. The 2019 winner will again hunt with Backcountry BC & Beyond as well as receive a pack from Stone Glacier, a full system from Sitka Gear and a pair of boots from Kenetrek.

Sign up today!