Stone Glacier Accessories


Stone Glacier packs are designed with customization and modularity in mind. A minimalistic approach and strict design ethos allow you to create a pack system that has everything you need and nothing you don’t.  Our method of pack accessories lets the user add internal or external storage options as needed to create the perfect pack organization system based on personal preference. By doing this, you aren’t stuck with pockets you don’t need, which adds unnecessary weight to the overall system.  This is best noted for internal storage in the functionality of our Camp Pockets, Swing-Out Pockets, and Hydro Sleeves.  Externally, the Access Bag, Accessory Pockets, and Spotting Scope Pocket can be added and attached in infinite combinations creating nearly unlimited storage configurations.  On the same Stone Glacier pack, hunters that prefer lots of pockets and compartmentalization may use any combination of 4-6 different accessories while true minimalists might run that same pack without any additional pockets.  This ability to customize your pack setup is truly unique and another reason Stone Glacier packs are the ultimate backcountry pack system.

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