Andrew's 5-Day Archery Elk Pack Dump

I have been lucky to share so many successful hunts with clients and friends, both new and old.  Elk hunting takes me to some of the coolest reaches of the rocky mountain west and challenges me both physically and mentally. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, archery elk hunting is my favorite. There are few things, if anything, that rival a rutting bull elk in September. Pursuing 600 pounds of rutted fury, and fueling the fire with a bugle tube, is simply amazing. 

My gear list has, and will continue to evolve. I have moved away from the basecamp style program to more of a run and gun mentality. I like to pack light, utilize an ultralight shelter and be able to move with herds of elk through the mountains. The gear that I carry will keep me comfortable and dry in just about any conditions. As the season progresses and temps drop, I might make some adjustments to my gear, for instance, a 4-season tent, gloves, etc.

The obvious goal is to run an arrow through a mature bull but seeing new country, chasing herds of elk through the mountains and spending nights under the stars is really what epitomizes elk hunting. My best advice to you is to procure an elk tag, in whatever state you wish, and go hunt. Maybe you notch your tag, maybe you don't, but I guarantee you will have fun trying.

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Andrew's Gear List

  1. Stone Glacier R3 5900
  2. Accessory Pocket
  3. Stone Glacier Chilkoot 15 Degree Sleeping Bag
  4. Stone Glacier M5 Rain Jacket
  5. Stone Glacier M5 Rain Pant
  6. Stone Glacier Grumman Goose Down Jacket
  7. Stone Glacier Grumman Goose Down Pant
  8. Camp Sky Carbon Evo Trekking Poles
  9. Rocky Mountain Game Calls Bully Bull Bugle Tube
  10. 32oz SG Nalgene
  11. Days Worth of Food
  12. Stone Glacier SkyAir ULT, Mesh Insert and vestibule
  13. Thermarest NeoAir
  14. Jet Boil Camp Stove
  15. Collapsable Water bottle
  16. RMGC Elk Diaphrams
  17. MSR Trailshot Water Filter
  18. Stone Glacier Compression Strap Extension Kit
  19. Electrical Tape
  20. Truball HT Hinge Release
  21. 550 cord
  22. SG Havalon Replaceable Blade Knife
  23. Hunting Licenses
  24. Black Diamond Storm Headlamp
  25. Chapstick
  26. Lighter
  27. Allen Wrenches
  28. Inreach Satellite Messenger
  29. Toilet Paper
  30. Caribou Game Bags (Mixture of elk and deer bags)
  31. SLIK Carbon Tripod w/ Ball Head
  32. Swarovski ATX 65mm