The Cirque Synthetic Insulation Series - Versatility for Any Situation

Author / Justin Helvik, Avid Outdoorsman

The Cirque Jacket, the origin of the Cirque insulation family, was created to meet the demands of the backcountry hunter who needed a jack of all trades jacket to tackle anything Mother Nature could throw at it. It quickly became a bestseller and for good reason.

Hunter glassing with synthetic insulation jacket repelling rain

The benefits of synthetic insulation are clear: providing warmth, breathability, and weather resistance in one complete package. The Cirque Jacket’s 133 g/m2 PrimaLoft® Gold insulation has the most robust insulation in the Cirque family, making it suitable for mid-to-late season conditions. The integrated pit zips allow you to vent those hot spots and keep your jacket on during high-exertion activities. It can serve as a standalone or as a layer underneath a hardshell when the weather turns nasty. Its warmth and versatility make it a critical mid-to-late season piece of gear.

hunter using pit zips on synethtic insulation jacket

While the original Cirque Jacket serves the needs of many hunters, the Stone Glacier team saw a need for other synthetic options to help ensure the backcountry hunter was prepared for every situation in any environment. The Cirque family tree has grown, and hunters stand to benefit from it. 

For the hunter who wants to keep their core warm while enjoying true freedom of movement and ventilation, enter the Cirque Vest. Using the same synthetic insulation fill as the Cirque Jacket (133 g/m2 of PrimaLoft® Gold synthetic insulation), the vest fills a niche for hunters who appreciate the simple functionality of a vest. What sets it apart from most other hunting vests on the market is its integrated hood. At first glance, the hood may seem out of place, but experiencing this vest’s functionality in the field will win over any skeptic.

hunter with bull elk and synthetic insulation hooded vest

Hoods add significant warmth and protection to any apparel. Combining the warmth and weather protection of a hood with the breathability and mobility of a vest allows hunters to tackle variable conditions comfortably and without having to layer as often. Wearing the Cirque Vest over a mid-layer or even a base layer creates a perfect setup for those cool, early season mornings. In colder temperatures, place the Cirque Vest under a puffy piece to really stave off the chill. When layering up, there are only so many layers a guy can place on their arms. This holds especially true for the archery hunter; too much bulk on your forearms can interfere with your bowstring as you let the arrow fly. The Cirque Vest adds true warmth and protection while allowing the freedom of movement the backcountry hunter needs. 

Looking for a jacket that you can wear any time of year and use in any climate? The Cirque LITE Jacket is essentially the love child of the Cirque Jacket and the Helio Hoody. This hybrid jacket strikes the perfect balance of warmth and breathability. It is the ideal jacket for the active hunter. The Cirque LITE is body-mapped, allowing heat and perspiration to escape hot spots. The side panels feature a microgrid fleece (think Helio Series), maximizing ventilation and breathability in these key areas. The remainder of the Cirque LITE uses PrimaLoft® Gold 60g/m2 synthetic insulation to add just enough insulation to keep you warm during active pursuits on cold days or act as a stand alone jacket in the early season. The LITE’s insulation is about 45% of its predecessor, the Cirque Jacket, melding the perfect balance of breathability and warmth.

hunter glassing in active insulation jacket

The LITE is cut and sized perfectly to serve as a mid-layer insulation piece as well. Without all of the fluff, it fits perfectly under a Grumman Down Jacket, Cirque Jacket, and the M5 or M7 jackets to keep you warm and dry. The Cirque LITE Jacket shines in any season and in any environment, making it one of the most dynamic pieces we offer. 

The entire Cirque family of synthetic insulation is built to handle the elements in any environment. The PrimaLoft® Gold insulation breathes extremely well and holds up in wet conditions. All Cirque pieces feature an articulated, adjustable hood – a true life saver – drastically increasing warmth and protection against the elements without impeding peripheral vision. In addition, all members of the Cirque family feature internal pockets, perfect for stashing gloves to dry out or items that need to be kept warm by placing them next to your core (think electronics, snacks, etc.). All of the Cirque pieces also feature a 15 Denier weather-resistant Pertex® face fabric, allowing them to hold up to light moisture and resist abrasion.

No matter the location or situation, there is a Cirque piece for your hunt. 

About the Author: Justin Helvik is a high school principal, avid outdoorsman, mountaineer, and trail runner. Justin live in Bozeman, MT with his family.