mule deer

How to Field Judge Mule Deer

A mature mule deer buck is an icon of western hunting. To stalk one across endless coulees or glass one up from a distant ridgeline is what hunting...

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How it all went down Author / ZACK BOUGHTON, SG CONTENT DIRECTOR It’s mid-October and the highway is covered in ice and wind-blown snow that’s pa...

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Walk the Walk

Top: “Heads up!” Tay D’Agostino (@tay.dags) releases a mule deer doe that had just been sampled as part of a study done by Monteith Shop. The work ...

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Full Circle

Written By: Justin Helvik (@jhelvik) A haze from the wildfires made it difficult to view the ridgeline two miles above me. One of the white rocks I...

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bear hunt

What's up with rain gear?

There are many waterproof fabrics on the market, so how do you determine what rain gear will be best suited for your style of hunting? The amount o...

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