Stone Glacier Frames & Bags

Gear planning is an intrinsic element of any hunt and as they say "No two hunts are ever the same." Based on your trip duration alone you can see drastic shifts in gear needs. However, one thing that should be consistent in your backcountry outings is the fit and comfort of your pack frame. At Stone Glacier all of our frames and bags are interchangeable, and this allows you to run a single frame with multiple bags to meet the demands and duration of all your backcountry trips. This interchangeable configuration means you don't have to spend additional time fitting new gear as well as benefiting from not having to purchase an entirely new backpack setup.

We offer three frames to choose from: the Xcurve, Krux EVO, and R3. While there are some differences in each frame, they all use the same torso and fitting adjustments, are 26" tall, are built with durable materials, and are made right here in America. We offer 14 different bag configurations that provide ultralight solutions for the day hunter to the hunter going on expedition style 10+ day backcountry hunts.

A couple of common questions people ask when selecting a frame and bag is “How well does that bag compress down?”, “What is the total pack weight (frame + bag)?” and "What does that frame and bag color combination look like?". We have compiled a table below outlining individual frame weights and bag weights. Additionally, you will find a gallery of images displaying various frame and bag color combinations.

Stone Glacier Pack Size - Compressed / Bivy Mode / Sky Mode

Stone Glacier Packs Weights

Frames Weights:
Xcurve Frame - 3 lb with medium belt
Krux EVO Frame - 2 lb 7oz. with medium belt
R3 Frame - 2 lb 14.1 oz. with medium belt

Minimalist Packs Bag Weights:
Minimalist Xcurve - 3 lb 6.6 oz. on medium belt
Minimalist Krux EVO - 2 lb 12 oz. on medium belt

Day Packs Weights:
Serc 1700 – 2.0 lb
Approach 1800 – 4 lb 1 oz. (on Xcurve Frame)
Avail 2200 - 3 lb 1 oz.
Kiowa 3200 - 4 lb 1oz.

Multi-Day Packs Bag Weights:
EVO 3300 - 3 lb 13 oz.
SOLO – 4 lb 9 oz.
R3 3300 – 4 lb 10 oz.
EVO 40/56 – 4 lb
Sky 5900 - 5 lb 8 oz.
R3 5900 - 5 lb 5 oz.

Expedition Packs Bag Weights:
Sky Archer 6400 - 5 lb 7 oz.
Sky Talus 6900 - 5 lb 12 oz.
Sky Guide 7900 - 5 lb 15 oz.

Stone Glacier Pack Color Combinations

Stone Glacier EVO Frame and Solo 3300 Bag
EVO FRAME (Olive & Black) & Solo Bag (Foliage)

Stone Glacier EVO Frame R3 3300 Bag
EVO FRAME (Olive & Black) & R3 3300 Bag (Coyote)

Stone Glacier Xcurve Frame EVO 40/56 Bag
Xcurve Frame (Foliage & Black) & EVO 40/56 Bag (Tan)

Stone Glacier R3 Frame EVO 40/56 Bag
R3 Frame (Coyote) & EVO 40/56 Bag (Tan)

Stone Glacier Xcurve Frame EVO R3 3300 Bag
Xcurve Frame (Foliage & Black) & R3 3300 Bag (Coyote)

Stone Glacier R3 Frame Solo 3300 Bag
R3 Frame (Coyote) & Solo 3300 Bag (Foliage & Black)