Essential Fall Hunting Accessories

As we fine tune our kits ahead of the upcoming general seasons, it's easy to overlook the small things that can go a long way to increase our odds on mountain hunts. With all the investment we put into our pursuits, it's best to leave as little to chance as possible. Even the little details can mean the difference between a victorious descent to the truck or the long walk of shame.

There's no more important tool for a fall hunt than your rifle, and we rounded up our five favorite rifle hunting accessories based on three key criteria: protection from the elements, secure carry, and quick access.

Skyline Bino Harness

This one may seem obvious, but a quality optics harness is absolutely essential for mountain hunting. If your binos or rangefinder flop around in your harness, get wet and dirty, or drive you nuts because they're not riding correctly, it will inevitably distract from your hunt.

Skyline Bino Harness - rifle hunting accessories

The Skyline Bino Harness is designed to be a minimalist system for effortless, nearly unnoticeable carry under a pack while you navigate rugged terrain. It's also designed to maximize secure, weatherproof protection for your binos and rangefinder. Our patent pending OptikFit™ technology ensures a true custom fit for your optics, and a 3-layer HydraShield™ waterproof laminate provides a shield from rain, snow, and debris. The harness also features a magnet-free, forward-opening lid that can be quickly and quietly opened or closed with one hand.

Whether it's finding game on an immense mountain landscape or getting an accurate range before a shot, the Skyline Bino Harness will be an indispensable asset for closing the deal.

Quick-Release Sling

Even with today's ultralight rifles, lugging a long gun for days on end in the mountains can take its toll. On the other hand, if your rifle isn't readily accessible, you may miss a fleeting opportunity to take a shot.

Quick-Release Sling - rifle hunting accessories

The Quick-Release Sling integrates with Stone Glacier hunting packs to securely and safely carry a rifle while giving you instant access to free the gun for your shot. The sling weighs a mere 1.4 oz. but is capable of carrying nearly all big game hunting caliber rifles. Securely stowed out of your way on the hike, the sling disengages with one simple motion.

Skyline Quick-Release Scope Cover

If you've ever had an action freeze up or a scope fog up in the moment of truth, you understand the value of protecting your rifle system from the inevitable abuse and elements you'll encounter in the mountains. Put simply, you work too hard for opportunities to not get a confident shot because your scope or action were compromised in the field.

Skyline Quick-Release Scope Cover - rifle hunting accessories

Whether it's precipitation, abrasion, freezing temps, or wear and tear from packing it through rough terrain, our rifles go through the wringer chasing big game. We created the Skyline Quick-Release Scope Cover to mitigate every possible malfunction to the scope and action while also ensuring the cover does not add unnecessary bulk or weight to your system.

Our scope cover is constructed with hydrophobic foam padding encased between two layers of waterproof SG 3L HydraShield™ fabric. It comes in three adjustable sizes to fit all rifles and scopes, and it can be instantly removed using an innovative, adjustable attachment system for quickly engaging a target in the field.

Sky Series Lid - Blaze Orange

The Blaze Orange Sky Lid is compatible with every SG Sky Series bag and instantly adds 500 cubic inches of high-visibility storage to the top of your pack. Made with a durable 500D cordura and featuring a hydration port, the Sky Lid can also be used as a fanny pack for quick missions from camp.

Blaze orange Sky Lid

Large Accessory Pocket

The Large Accessory Pocket integrates with the waist belt on all Stone Glacier Frames to add easily accessible storage for a wind meter, phone, GPS device, headlamp, snacks or just about any small essential you can think of. It also includes built-in elastic webbing to carry six extra rounds of ammunition.

Large Accessory Pocket - rifle hunting accessories