Pete's Bear Hunting Pack Dump

I started bear hunting when I was in college, and to be honest, I wasn't very good at it. My techniques were as bad as my gear and it took me years to produce any results. Once I realized I should be glassing more than hiking, I began to find bears and fill my tags. Lots of glassing demands quality insulating layers and hardshell outerwear. Sometimes sitting still is the toughest test of our patience and our gear.

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Pete's Bear Hunting Gear List:

  1. SOLO 3600
  2. Quick Release Weapon Sling
  3. Chilkoot 15 Degree Sleeping Bag
  4. REI Flash Insulated Sleeping Pad
  5. M5 Rain Jacket
  6. M5 Rain Pant
  7. MSR Reactor Stove + Fuel
  8. 32oz. Nalgene
  9. GoalZero Battery Pack
  10. Trekking Poles
  11. Skyscraper 2p Tent
  12. Velbon Tripod
  13. Charging Cords (micro USB and iPhone)
  14. inReach Satellite Devie (SOS)
  15. MSR TrailShot Mirco Water Filter
  16. 3L Platypus Bladder
  17. Sea To Summit Pillow
  18. Grumman Goose Down Jacket
  19. Wool Beanie
  20. Insulated Leather Gloves
  21. Leupold Sunglasses
  22. Toilet Paper
  23. Electrical Tape
  24. FirstAid Kit / Fire Starter Kit
  25. Load Cell Dry Bag
  26. Fenix Headlamp
  27. Havalon Knife
  28. Tags and License
  29. Food - Combination or dehydrated meals, bars, nuts and candy
  30. Chewing Gum
  31. Whistle
  32. Lighter wrapped in electrical tape
  33. Pack Rain Cover
  34. Foam Glassing Pad
  35. 85mm Swarovski Spotter
  36. Neck Gator