Employee Packs - Spring 2020

When it comes to backpacks, there are thousands of ways to configure and decided on what pack might be best for you. At the end of the day there ar...

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Stone Glacier Colby Adamek mule deer pack dump

Colby's Pack Dump

Growing up in central Washington, deer camp was THE hunt that I looked forward to every year. Although, back then, I knew hunting camp as more of a...

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Stone Glacier hunting pack accessories

Stone Glacier Accessories

Stone Glacier packs are designed with customization and modularity in mind. A minimalistic approach and strict design ethos allow you to create a p...

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Stone Glacier Frames & Bags

Gear planning is an intrinsic element of any hunt and as they say "No two hunts are ever the same." Based on your trip duration alone you can see d...

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Stone Glacier deer conservation volunteer work

Wyoming Deer Conservation

This past winter, at the Wild Sheep Foundation show, we connected with University of Wyoming Professor, Kevin Monteith, about the unique work his t...

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Stone Glacier apparel

Designing The M5 Series

Every great product starts with an idea. An idea often stemming from experience. For Stone Glacier's founder and lead designer, Kurt Racicot, these...

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Rewarming Drill

At the beginning of the year, a US Special Operations team approached us about using and testing our products. As extreme users of gear, they are c...

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